10 Entertainment Ideas For Corporate Events

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 04, 2022

Whether you are hosting an in-person or virtual corporate event, the entertainment you choose can be a make-or-break decision. A bad choice or poor delivery can lead to unengaged employees, missed opportunities and an overall poor experience.

To help you on your way to planning a great corporate event, here are 10 entertainment ideas that will wow your team and empower you to access the benefits of improved collaboration, communication and morale that come with a team building activity. 

  1. Escape rooms 

Escape rooms are still a big hit so why not jump on the trend and include one in your next company event? They are not only exciting to participate in, but they’re also a great way for your team members to work on their problem solving and communication skills. 

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  1. Live performed 

This one isn’t a new idea, but it is a classic. Live entertainment such as a band, comedian or aerial performers can be a great way to entertain employees at a corporate event. If you are looking for good entertainment that fits into a tight budget, consider local entertainment. Even better, let your employees reveal their secret talents and showcase them to their coworkers. 

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  1. Game show night 

Game shows are a great idea for running your own corporate game show event where employees team up to participate. Some formats will get all your employees to engage with trivia questions and challenges while others will call on a specific number of individuals. Either way, your team is sure to have a good time watching and participating in the fun. 

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  1. Scavenger hunts 

Another fast-paced activity that can be done virtually or in person is a scavenger hunt. They can be especially successful if you want to help your team develop their collaboration skills. 

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  1. Giving back 

If you’re looking for corporate event entertainment that emphasizes team spirit, improved morale and giving back then you should consider a Bonding for Charity event. These events have team members work together to build bicycles, create toys and pack backpacks that will be donated to those in need.

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  1. Cooking challenge 

Having a caterer serve up food is a popular option for corporate events. But what if you had employees team up to prepare their own culinary masterpieces. Not only will they be able to show off their culinary flare, but they will also have fun, build relationships and learn how to work together in a fast paced, low pressure environment. 

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  1. Paint night

If you are looking for a way to get the creative juices flowing, why not host a paint night? Have a host provide your team with an introductory art lesson and then let everyone put paint to canvas. To level up this corporate team event, get your team to work together to brainstorm and implement a group mosaic. 

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  1. An education talk 

When people feel understood, appreciated, and valued for who they are, they tend to go the extra mile and engage beyond the ordinary. It is not the performance that drives them, but rather the human connection. So why not have your team participate is a workshop that helps them build interpersonal skills, while being interactive, motivating and rewarding.

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  1. Speed bonding 

Give your team an experience they will never forget by choosing a switching challenge for your corporate event. This entertainment idea has team members constantly moving around to new groups to complete different challenges. It’s not only a great ice breaker, it also helps employees build relationships, adaptability and confidence. 

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  1. Idea pitches 

Another great way to entertain employees at a corporate event is with a Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den type event. Teams will create and plan ideas for an unknown product and then try to get buy-in from a panel of “investors.” This event will help emphasize entrepreneurial spirit, encourage creativity and guarantee a memorable experience.

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