Virtual & Remote Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities and How They Benefit Your Remote Team

2020 has seen huge changes in where, when and how employees work. Remote work is now wide spread across North America and it’s likely that your business now has a substantial work-from-home team, or perhaps your entire business is based remotely. 

Thankfully, remote work brings a huge number of productivity benefits for your business, as well as wellbeing benefits for your employees.

Benefits for your organization include increased productivity, less staff turnover and improved job satisfaction, while your employees will take advantage of a better work-life balance, less commuting stress and more saved money.

Take this data from Owl Labs, for example. Companies that allow remote work have a 25 percent lower employee turnover than those which don’t. Meanwhile, people who work remotely at least once a month are 24 percent more likely to be happy and productive than those who don’t.  

To ensure both your business and its employees make the most of these benefits, it’s crucial that you take some steps to ensure your remote team has everything they need to be successful when working from home.

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people."
Steve Jobs

How to Ensure Remote Employees are Productive 

How to Ensure Remote Employees are Productive 

A survey of 2,000 working professionals and 1,000 hiring managers by LinkedIn, found that 82 percent of workers want to work from home at least one day per week, and 57 percent want to work from home at least three days per week.

It’s therefore no surprise that so many organizations are moving to completely remote-based work.

If your organization has transitioned to remote work and you plan on working-from-home for the long-term, it’s important that you take some basic steps to ensure your employees are successful and that your team can effectively work together when they aren’t located next to each other in a physical office.

Some steps you can take to ensure your remote employee are productive when working from home, include:

  • Encourage employees to maintain regular hours.
  • Use the right technologies to make remote processes easier, such as cloud-based tools and video meeting software.
  • Encourage your remote team to take regular breaks throughout the day.
  • Make sure your team stays connected with each other, every day.
  • Recognize your team’s good work. 

One of the most important measures you can take to ensure your remote team communicates well and remains highly satisfied with their job, is to host a virtual team building event



What is Virtual Team Building?

What is Virtual Team Building?

Gallup reports in its “The State of the American Workplace” that engaged employees are more likely to improve customer relationships, with a resulting 20 percent increase in sales. When your employees are engaged, excited and passionate about their jobs, it’s going to show in the work they produce. 

Virtual team building activities are guaranteed to improve employee satisfaction and engagement within your organization.

A virtual team building event makes the most of innovative technology, problem solving skills and management techniques to host team building activities online when your employees can’t physically be together.

These events come in a variety of forms - from interactive games, charity exercises or education seminars - and improve engagement for both small and large teams. By ensuring employees stay connected and engaged, virtual team building events help remote teams feel as tight-knit as those based in a physical office.

Virtual team building events are intended to increase communication skills, promote teamwork and creativity in a fun, lighthearted and social environment.

By promoting open communication and reinforcing teamwork, virtual team building events result in a range of benefits for your organization. These include:

  • improved employee engagement;
  • higher staff retention;
  • increased productivity;
  • better communication, collaboration and creative problem solving;
  • and many others.



How Your Remote Team Will Benefit From Attending a Virtual Team Building Event

How Your Remote Team Will Benefit From Attending a Virtual Team Building Event

In its 2018 State of Remote Work report, Buffer found that loneliness was the biggest downside for 21 percent of remote workers, and it ranked as one of the reasons that made them more likely to quit their job. 

One of the biggest side effects of remote work is that many employees begin to feel disconnected from the organization they work for, and the team members they work with.

With virtual team building events, however, that doesn’t have to be the case for your company’s remote workers.

Virtual team building will bring a range of benefits for your organization, and will help your work-from-home employees to improve communication, collaborate more creatively, produce higher quality work and much more. Here are just some of the key ways your business will benefit from hosting a virtual team building event:

Encourage communication among your team: You don’t want your remote employees to fall into the trap of not communication with one another. By holding team building events and helping your team to form stronger relationships, you’ll encourage employees to communicate with each other more regularly. In turn, this improves collaboration, the quality of work being produced and productivity. 

Show employees you care: When working in the office you can easily take measures that show your employees that you care about them. That could involve taking them out for lunch on Fridays, praising their work in meetings or socialising after work. This becomes harder when your team is entirely remote. By investing in fun team building events throughout the year, you will give your employees something to look forward to and show them that you are willing to reward them for their hard work.

Drive collaboration: Virtual team building activities give employees the chance to bounce ideas off their peers and improve the collaboration skills they have within their team. Employees who collaborate more effectively on projects will foster an environment that encourages innovative thinking, creative problem solving and new ideas that lead to improved revenue. 

Give employees a motivation boost: Employees working from home may miss the social life that working in an office brings. That doesn’t mean they want to be permanently located in an office, it just means they want to experience that environment with their team every so often. Team building activities can give employees a much-needed motivation boost and the opportunity to socialize with their peers that they crave. 

Ensure your remote employees feel included: When managing a remote team the worst thing you can do is leave employees feeling like they are on their own and not part of a successful team. Bringing your team together for a virtual team building event will remind them just how important their role is for the company and its future success. 


Which Virtual Event is Right For You?

Which Virtual Event is Right For You?

There are a range of virtual team building events, and the one you choose to host is entirely down to the unique needs of your business. 

Are you looking for a fun game to excite your employees, do you want to help your staff progress their career or are you trying to encourage improvements in the health and wellbeing of your team?

Here at Teambonders, we have a range of virtual team building events that can improve the communication, wellbeing, collaboration, productivity, efficiency and happiness of your remote employees. We have divided our virtual team building activities into four main categories:

  1. Exciting games
  2. Professional development
  3. Charity team building events
  4. Health and wellbeing

Virtual Team Building - Exciting Games

Virtual Survey Showdown: Our online version of Survey Showdown - where individuals, or teams compete virtually, head to head trying to guess the most popular answers to various survey questions all at the same time.

Virtual Hollywood Games: For companies and organizations looking for a “dash of everything”, we’ve fused together some of our most popular, fast moving and high energy Game Show Challenges into one spectacular package.

AppMazing Virtual Hunt - Corporate Edition: In this real-time digital game, teams will try and complete as many of the custom-corporate challenges as possible within the time limit. 

Virtual Live Chef Experience: Join together with your team and get hands-on in the kitchen with our interactive virtual cooking class. Learn to use your kitchen more effectively and walk away with a new recipe.

Virtual Quiz Quest: Test your knowledge with a multitude of random questions, ranging from pop culture, to sports to custom corporate questions. Theme it to the 80’s, sports, pop culture, history, geography or mix them all.

Virtual Corporate Texas Hold ‘Em Tournaments: Get your team together and compete against one another in a real time, virtual, online Texas Hold 'Em Poker tournament. 

Virtual Team Building - Professional Development

The Spirit of Radio: Write, create and produce a real, authentic radio program. From old time radio plays and shows to modern talk radio the themes and content possibilities are endless! Your team will work together in a team setting to create a masterpiece, such as scripts, recording schedules, sound effects and voice overs, for the whole group to share.

Keynotes Online: Choose between keynote speeches on building and maintaining a championship culture at your workplace or the importance of communication and collaboration in the workplace. These innovative keynote speakers online will teach you and your employees how to create a world-class culture.

Humaneyes Online: Humaneyes is our leadership skills development training workshop designed to help team members achieve exceptional, compassionate leadership on both personal and organizational levels. 

Virtual Team Building - Charity Events

Virtual Bonding for Charity: We can make any of our virtual programs a virtual charitable event. Your team’s efforts can yield anything from a monetary donation to providing necessities to families or organizations in need. You can choose any cause that you'd like. We'll take care of the rest.

Virtual Team Building - Health and Wellbeing 

Wellness - Mind and Body Online: Choose from a variety of different programs - such as meditation, yoga, musical instrument lessons and many others - that are designed to allow people to work on themselves and improve their health and wellbeing. 



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