4 Ways That Team Building Activities Can Help Your Business Culture

Posted by Jake Mandel on Feb, 01, 2018

Managers are always looking for ways to make their teams more productive, efficient and motivated through thoughtful activities, workflow, and by improving morale. Corporate team building events are a perfect way to achieve all of this because they focus on developing a productive business culture. 

Here are 4 ways a Corporate Team Building Program can help improve your business operations and talent management. 

1. Better Communication 

Communication is the key to everything we do and is vital for any successful business. Being able to communicate improves idea sharing, minimizes conflict and increases productivity. 

Team building activities help break down barriers to communication so that your team members can work together to achieve one clear goal. It will also teach your team the difference between verbal and non-verbal forms of communication and how they can be utilized more successfully. 

2. Role Identification

Every member of your team has a role to play but sometimes they are unable to play their part. Maybe they feel overpowered by someone with a bigger personality. Perhaps they are unable to put their thoughts into words. Or, maybe they don’t have confidence in themselves. 

Whatever the reason may be, team building activities have a way of highlighting each team members strengths so that they are put in a role (and a team) where they can be successful, maximizing their productivity and efficiency. 

3. Confidence & Competition

Having confidence in yourself, and others, is another critical aspect of working as a team. You need to be able to trust all of your team members to do their part.

Team building can help strengthen confidence in yourself and others. By asking your employees and colleagues to work together in a more relaxed environment, they can demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses, allowing themselves and others to become more confident in their abilities. 

Friendly competition is a big part of being successful - it helps us push each other to greatness. The problem is that sometimes our competitiveness and need for success in a corporate environment can cause us to inadvertently undermine or overshadow those around us. 

By participating in a team building activity in a comfortable, relaxed and professional environment, where the competition is inherently friendly, your team members can take the time to get to know one another and appreciate each other for their unique contributions to the group. 

4. Leadership 

Every team needs some form of leadership to help keep them focused. But recognizing leadership qualities in a corporate environment, where corporate culture, rules, job descriptions and titles sometimes outshine individuals, can be difficult. 

Participating in structured team building activities, can make it easier to identify leadership qualities in individuals. It can even help members of the team uncover characteristics they didn’t know they had. 

At the end of they day, your goal is success and the people you work with play a big part in your company being able to achieve that. Taking the time to improve communication, build confidence, garner respect and identify leadership qualities can ensure your human resources are as productive, efficient and happy as possible. 

Are you interested in holding a corporate event or team building activity this year? We invite you to browse through our programs to get some ideas flowing. We’re always ready to discuss your goals and suggest programs that would be a good fit, small group or large!


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