Bicycle Building

Bicycle Building Team Activity

Charity Bike Building Gears Up Team Morale & Spirit  

Is your group looking for a team building activity that generates goodwill, team spirit and lifts morale? Our Bonding For a Cause™ Bicycle Building program is an engaging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team building activity that your group will love! 

The goal of this event is to provide something back to the community and make a positive contribution as a corporate team. Add a Minutes to Win It or a Classic Game Show as the pre-bike build and make this even more fun and entertaining.

This activity is customizable and includes a Teambonders host and on-site facilitation team to guide your employees through the challenge, as they learn to work together to build something to be proud of. It's a win-win event that puts a smile on everyone, especially the children or youth receiving the bikes!

How the Activity Works

Each and every team, regardless of their mechanical abilities, will build a child or teenager sized working bicycle, that will ultimately be donated to the charity of your choice. 

Teams will be provided with everything they need to assist them to successfully conquer this challenge. We also provide all of the hand tools and disassembled bicycle parts needed to finish the construction.

When paired with a Survey Showdown, Jeoparty, Minutes to Win It, Corporate Olympics or a multitude of other team bonding events, we customize the pre-build activity to include games that award Shopping BUCKS for additional add-ons to a team's creation, which can be items such as bicycle helmets, safety devices, and locks. This interactive competitive component will get everyone involved and 'geared' up for bike building!

Your Teambonders program host and facilitators can help you to also explore options for the bicycle donation ceremony, with your company representatives and local charities.

  • Suggested Time: 1.5-2 hours
  • Group Sizes: 6 - 600+
  • Suggested Team Size: Teams of 8
  • Location: Any Venue, US and Canada
  • Unique Feature: Build & Donate Bikes to Charity
  • Support: Host and Teambonders On-Site Facilitation Team
Our experience with Teambonders was superb! The staff was excellent during the planning process and the host was entertaining and full of energy. Our group loved the game. The flexibility of the duration of the game and the set up was greatly appreciated. I would absolutely recommend working with Teambonders to colleagues and hope to work with them again in the future myself.
Thank you again for your amazing services today. Your team was amaaaazing and we got nothing but great feedback about you guys and the activity today so a huge THANK YOU from all of us at adidas group!
adidas group
The Teambonders crew brought so much energy and fun and got the whole room engaged. They were efficient in their setup and helped us make up some time as we were behind schedule. There has been so much positive feedback in regards to how organized the event ran and how much fun the team had. We were crunched for time trying to find an event solution and you guys came through with amazing results!!!! Thank you so much!

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