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Live Chef Challenge Team Activity

The Secret Ingredient to Your Next Corporate Event

Our custom Live Chef Challenge transports your corporate teams to Kitchen Stadium in this culinary cooking challenge!  Teams work together to successfully produce masterpieces in a timed Iron Chef-style culinary competition. Once we reveal the "Secret Ingredient", each team will be charged to produce an Appetizer, Main Entrée, and Dessert to present to a panel of your very own VIP judges.

Regardless of your creative abilities and flair in the kitchen, this interactive group activity will help foster great working relationships and unleash that inspired workplace that you’ve been longing for.

Performed almost anywhere, this exclusive corporate team building event is five star tasty and oven-ready FUN! As a program option have your company event filmed and turned into a slick documentary, complete with interviews and in-game footage. This makes a great keepsake of your employee team building experience.

How the Activity Works

The Kitchen Stadium venue will be divided into Kitchen Team Stations and one huge Live Chef Pantry. Teams have a set amount of time to create, plate and perfect 3 courses (Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert). Past creations include: Gourmet Sliders, Creamy Mushroom Risotto with Sirloin Steak, Composed Gourmet Appetizer Salad.

Each station will have a complete set of cooking equipment and ingredients.  Inspiration and recipe ideas can be accessed during the event.

Your team will work together. Yes, Chef!, to complete their dishes before the final countdown finishes. Ready or not, teams submit their dishes for judging and also for all the participants to taste and enjoy.

The Teambonders facilitation team will assist each of your Kitchen Teams to work together and enjoy the event. So, dig in and have fun with this delicious and entertaining team activity.

  • Suggested Time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Group Sizes: 8 - 1000+
  • Suggested Team Size: Teams of 8 - 10
  • Location: Suitable Facility Required, US and Canada
  • Unique Feature: Creative. Edible. Cooking Challenge.
  • Support: Host and Teambonders On-Site Facilitation Team
Our experience with Teambonders was superb! The staff was excellent during the planning process and the host was entertaining and full of energy. Our group loved the game. The flexibility of the duration of the game and the set up was greatly appreciated. I would absolutely recommend working with Teambonders to colleagues and hope to work with them again in the future myself.
Thank you again for your amazing services today. Your team was amaaaazing and we got nothing but great feedback about you guys and the activity today so a huge THANK YOU from all of us at adidas group!
adidas group
The Teambonders crew brought so much energy and fun and got the whole room engaged. They were efficient in their setup and helped us make up some time as we were behind schedule. There has been so much positive feedback in regards to how organized the event ran and how much fun the team had. We were crunched for time trying to find an event solution and you guys came through with amazing results!!!! Thank you so much!

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