Interactive Holiday Entertainment VS. DJ and Dinner: What's Best?

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 11, 2023

When the holiday season approaches, every company grapples with the same question: “how can we make our corporate celebration memorable?”

For years, the traditional DJ and dinner formula has dominated the corporate holiday scene. While there's comfort in familiarity, sticking to the norm might not always be the best choice, especially when there are more fun, engaging and exciting options available.

That’s where interactive holiday entertainment events come into the picture. Interactive holiday events are a game-changing experience that have companies everywhere rethinking their end-of-year festivities. 

Why Host an Interactive Holiday Entertainment Instead of a Traditional DJ and Dinner

#1 - Boost Morale and Engagement

One of the main objectives of hosting corporate holiday entertainment is to boost morale and foster engagement among team members. Interactive events challenge, entertain, and bond employees in ways a sit-down dinner cannot. It's about creating shared experiences, not just shared meals.

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#2 - Unleash Your Team’s Creativity 

By engaging in activities outside their regular job functions, employees can showcase hidden talents and skills. It's an opportunity for everyone to see a different side of their colleagues, fostering appreciation and breaking down hierarchies.

#3 - Interactive = Inclusion 

With DJs and dinners, participation isn’t guaranteed. Some might shy away from the dance floor or feel left out. However, interactive entertainment offers various activities - ensuring that there's something for everyone.

#4 - Create Lasting Memories

While most might forget what they had for dinner at last year's event, they're less likely to forget the time they teamed up with colleagues to win a gingerbread house making contest or the laughter shared during a holiday cooking competition. 

#5 - Better Networking Opportunities For Your Team

Interactive games and activities break the ice naturally. Instead of the usual small talk, employees from different departments and levels can connect meaningfully, leading to increased collaboration even after the party is over.

Ready-Made and Customized Holiday Entertainment For Your Team With Teambonders

The beauty of interactive entertainment is that it can be tailored to fit the unique culture and preferences of your company. Whether it's a festive escape room challenge, a holiday-themed trivia night, or charity-themed entertainment, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some of Teambonders’ most popular holiday entertainment programs:

😆 Switch It Up Live: Give your team an exciting ice-breaking experience with Switch It Up, a holiday entertainment activity that offers a unique way for your team to meet and greet, build relationships and socialize outside of work. Switch It Up involves entertaining team challenges, with teams being shuffled regularly so your entire team meets each other.

❓Survey Showdown: Take part in our Survey Showdown with a holiday twist, where your team will answer survey questions based on pop culture, general knowledge, custom corporate-centric questions and much more. Teams work together in a collaborative process to find a group answer in some good retro fun. 

👩‍🍳 Live Chef Challenge: Cook up a storm this holiday season with Live Chef Challenges that transport your teams to a kitchen stadium, where they work together to successfully produce masterpieces in this culinary competition. Foster great working relationships and unleash an inspired workplace with some culinary interactive holiday entertainment. 

❤️ Bonding for Charity: Whether it’s packing a sack for those in need, building a bicycle or teddy bear, or collecting toys for tots, our Bonding for Charity is the perfect way for your team to give back this holiday season - all while still enjoying fun holiday entertainment.

⏰ Minutes to Win It: Take part in this exciting holiday event where teams compete head-to-head against the clock in a wide variety of fun physical, cerebral and specifically-created team tasks. You’ll love this fast-paced, exciting holiday entertainment package. 

Looking to host holiday entertainment this year at your company? Browse the Teambonders’ complete team building event directory and then get in touch with our team to discuss. 


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