Get the Party Started! 5 Entertainment Ideas For Team Holiday Events

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 25, 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and it's the perfect time to bring everyone together and celebrate the year gone by. 

While holidays are synonymous with relaxation, joy, and festivity, they also provide a wonderful opportunity for companies to bond, foster connections, and spread holiday cheer. That’s where holiday entertainment comes in. 

For companies aiming to end the year on a high note, choosing the right entertainment events can be a challenge. Finding activities that resonate with the festive ambiance, while at the same time encouraging camaraderie and bonding, can be difficult.

That’s why here at Teambonders, we’ve handpicked five of our favourite holiday entertainment events that promise not just fun and excitement, but also unforgettable memories and strengthened bonds.

Before we get into the specific entertainment events, let’s first take a quick recap at why holiday entertainment is so important for your team. 

The Pros of Organizing Holiday Entertainment for Your Team

👍 Foster Connections: Holiday parties provide a platform for employees from various departments to mingle in a relaxed setting, promoting inter-departmental bonds.

👍 Boost Morale: Celebrating achievements and acknowledging hard work during the festive season can significantly uplift spirits and morale.

👍 Encourage Creativity: Whether it's singing their heart out on karaoke night or crafting a unique ornament, employees get to showcase their creative side.

👍 Cultivate Teamwork: Team activities, such as an escape room challenge, emphasize the importance of collaboration and communication.

👍 Give Back to the Community: Charitable events allow your company to make a positive impact on its community during the holiday season.

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#1 - Bonding for Charity in the Season of Giving

Unite your team for a noble cause. Organize activities where employees can contribute their time or skills for charity. Whether it's packing a sack for children in need, building bicycles for your local charity, creating toys for a charity drive, or building bears for your local hospital, the act of giving back can foster a sense of purpose and unity.

No matter what your requirements and which cause you want to donate to, Teambonders can help tailor a solution that suits not only your imagination, but also your budget.

Suggested Time: Varies depending on chosen option 
Group Size: 8-200+
Suggested Team Size: Varies depending on chosen option 
Support: Host and Teambonders On-Site Facilitation Team


#2 - Switch It Up Live! 

Want to host a fun and exciting holiday entertainment event that puts emphasis on ice-breaking? Switch It Up is a unique meet and greet, relationship-building event that is the perfect way for your team to meet everyone in the office.

Whether it’s over a preset meal and beverages, or just an hour to stretch the legs, Switch It Up includes entertaining team challenges that will get everyone talking, launching and working together to become the overall winner. 

Suggested Time: 1-1.5 hours
Group Size: 8-200+
Suggested Team Size: 6-10 per team
Support: Live Teambonders Host and Facilitation

#3 - Survey Showdown 

Complete with authentic visuals, sound effects and music, this exciting and fun holiday entertainment package features survey questions based on pop culture, general knowledge, and some custom corporate-centric questions to get your team thinking.

Teams compete head to head to guess the most popular answers in some good ole’ retro fun. The goal of this program is to put emphasis on maximum participation, ensuring every team member takes part in this entertaining and exhilarating corporate event. 

Suggested Time: 1-1.5 hours
Group Size: 12-1,000+
Suggested Team Size: Teams of 6-8
Support: Host and Teambonders On-Site Facilitation Team

#4 - Live Chef Challenge With Holiday Menus

Transport your team to the kitchen stadium in this culinary cooking challenge that could be the secret ingredient to your next holiday entertainment day. Teams work together to successfully produce culinary masterpieces in an Iron Chef-style competition. 

With the revelation of a “secret ingredient”, teams will be challenged to produce an appetizer, main entree and dessert, and then present their creation to a panel of your very own VIP judges. What says holiday entertainment better than festive-inspired food!

Suggested Time: 2-2.5 hours
Group Size: 8-1,000+
Suggested Team Size: Teams of 8-10
Support: Host and Teambonders On-Site Facilitation Team


#5 - Minutes to Win It

The clock is ticking, are you ready for some pressurized team fun? Your teams will compete head to head in a wide variety of light physical, cerebral and exciting team tasks in this fast-paced, all inclusive and energetic holiday entertainment program.

Activities will employ  strategic thinking, collaboration, communication, and problem solving - with each team trying to earn as many “Teambonders Bucks” as they can to be crowned the winner. 

Suggested Time: 2-2.5 hours
Group Size: 8-1,000+
Suggested Team Size: Teams of 8-10
Support: Host and Teambonders On-Site Facilitation Team

Didn’t find a holiday entertainment package that gets you excited? Don’t worry, we have a tonne more where these came from! Simply get in touch with our team today, and we’ll help you find an activity that works for you. 


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