5 Ideas for Your Next Corporate Charity Team Building Event

Posted by Jake Mandel on Feb, 28, 2022


Giving back is always satisfying, but it’s way more fun when it’s done in groups. By hosting a charity team building event for your business, not only will you be able to give back to your local community, but your team will also access all the benefits of a corporate team building activity

When you host a corporate charity team building event for your organization, your business will benefit from the improved camaraderie, increased productions, enhanced collaboration and improved employee morale that comes with a well-organized team building event. 

You can take that one step further by incorporating a charitable twist into the team building event. This will give your team to work together on something fun and meaningful, giving them the opportunity to give back to those in need. 

So, if you’re not sure where to start, here are five charity team building activity ideas to get the ball rolling.

👉  Teddy Bear Building

Support a local charity of your company's choice, as part of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, with this heart-warming team building exercise that focuses on building teddy bears that can be donated.

In this charitable team building exercise, your corporate teams will be challenged to design, make and decorate a range of stuffed animals and clothing. Teams will work together to solve fun challenges and earn points to the Teddy Bear Store, where they can purchase costumes, decorative items, voice modules and gift boxes. The more points they win, the more they can purchase!

How it works:

  • Each team designs their very own giant-sized 16” teddy bear.
  • Teams participate in challenges and fun games to earn teddy bear store points.
  • Teams purchase items from the teddy bear store to add to their creation.
  • Teddy bears are donated to a charity of your choice, whether it be a local hospital, toy drive, fire enforcement or primary school. 

👉  Pack a Sack

Often paired with one of our other classic team building events, Pack a Sack focuses on giving your team the opportunity to give back to the local community - whether it’s providing school children with supplies, sending some warm essentials to the homeless or giving military personnel some items that remind them of home. 

This fun and meaningful event has been created to give your team members the opportunity to give something back to their community. 

How it works:

  • Pair pack a sack with one of our classic in-person or virtual team building events or host it as a stand alone event. 
  • Teams build a sack of meaningful items for the specific charity or organization they have chosen.

👉  Toys for Tots

Do you want to create quality toys for children in need, whilst also providing your employees with a fun and inclusive team building event? Then you’re in the right place! Toys for Tots is all about creating quality toys for children in need.

Teams will work together in an inclusive, collaborative environment to build toys that are donated to their very own cause of choice. Fun challenges give teams the opportunity to earn Bucks to spend in the Toy Shop, where they can buy extra bling and items to spruce up their toys.

How it works:

  • Teams are given instructions, parts and materials to build a toy.
  • Teams participate in challenges and fun games to earn Bucks that they can spend in the Toy Shop to enhance the toys they’ve created.
  • Toys are donated to the charity of your choice.

👉  Bicycle Building

Gear up for success with this charitable event that improves employee morale and gives back to those in need. Our Bicycle Building program will see teams work together to build their very own bicycle that can be donated to a charity of their choice. 

Teams will work together to build something that they are proud of, creating working bicycles that can be sent off to children in need. 

How it works:

  • Teams are provided with everything they need to build a bicycle, including hand tools and disassembled bicycle parts. 
  • The activity can be paired with one of our classic team building game shows to add an additional element of excitement and collaboration.
  • Teams can award bucks that they can spend on add-ons such as bicycle helmets, safety devices and locks.
  • Bicycles are donated to the children or youth charity of your choice. 

👉  Wheelchair Building

Wheelchairs are needed by so many organizations and charities and your business can help! Get involved with this inclusive, collaborative and camaraderie-driven team event that sees your team build wheelchairs for those in need. 

The Teambonders team of facilitators will assist your employees in the safe assembly of the wheelchairs, which can be donated to your local hospice, senior residence or care-giving organization. 

How it works:

  • Each team is given a brand-new, disassembled wheelchair to build, along with everything needed from tools and construction diagrams. 
  • Every team will receive help along the way, to ensure collaboration and success.
  • The finished wheelchairs will be donated to a local charity or organization of your choice. 

Interested in learning more about our charity team building events? Get in touch with Teambonders today. We’d love to help your organization organize the perfect event. 

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