5 Holiday Corporate Entertainment Ideas to Get Into the Festive Spirit

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 19, 2022

It may seem too soon to talk about the holidays, but when it comes to planning a corporate team building event, you can never start too early.

If you’re looking to plan some team building activities for the holiday season, here are five ideas for your group.

  1. Team building for charity 

‘Tis the giving season which means you can’t go wrong with an activity where teams get to donate to the charity of their choice. 

If you’re looking to do something charitable for your next company event, we’ve got tons of great activities for you to choose from. Our Bonding For a Cause programs are engaging, fun and enable your employees to give back to their communities.  

We have Corporate Social Responsibility team building activities that your group will love! And we have plenty of options to align with the charity of your choice: 

If these don’t meet your needs, we can also turn any of our virtual or live events into a charitable team building experience. 


  1. Decorating the office 

This may sound like a low impact event, but decorating your office is a great way to lift your employee’s spirits during the festive season while also improving team dynamics.

Not only will it create an excellent corporate culture and help employees look forward to the festive season, but giving staff time away from their desks, even to decorate the office, will let them know you appreciate their hard work. It also helps workers connect with each other on a personal level outside of daily work routines. 

To make the activity even more exciting, you can have teams and departments compete with one another for the most extravagant display or combine it with a festive meal. 

Did you know that Teambonders offers food based group activities such as LIVE Chef Challenge and more? Here's how to add tasty entertainment to your holiday party.


  1. Gift exchange 

Nobody is denying that a gift exchange can be cheesy. But the truth is a lot of holiday traditions are a bit cheesy – ugly sweater parties, singing about hippopotamuses and Hallmark specials. That’s what makes it fun. 

While participating in a gift exchange should be optional (unless you are providing the funds to everyone), participating in the event is a great way to help staff get to know one another. 

That’s because gift exchanges often lead to people buying gifts for someone they may not know well enough to find something for. This means that coworkers get to learn about one another, all while pretending they don’t have each other’s names in the game. 

It really is a fun way to build on office relationships and celebrate the holidays. 

  1. Food drives 

If you have a large employee group, you can challenge teams to collect the most non-perishable food items they can. Some workplaces will up the ante by having departments create a display with their food, such as a fireplace or a “gingerbread house”. 

Teams will have to come up with creative ways to get food donations from their friends, family, coworkers and maybe even clients. They will then have to work together to construct a sturdy display that shocks and awes, before the charity of their choice comes to collect donations. 

Not only will this help with team bonding, but it is also a great way to collect food for food banks and shelters at a time when supplies are often running low. 

  1. Plan a corporate event 

There are few things more effective for bringing your team together than a corporate team building event. Hosting a fun and inclusive event will help improve communication, nurture friendly competition, develop confidence, build loyalty, improve your corporate culture and so much more.

The benefits of a team bonding event will be huge for your organization, leading to improved employee productivity, better collaboration, establishing your company as a top brand to work for and, ultimately, higher profits.

And it can all be done in combination with any of the above activities or as a stand-alone event. If you would like help brainstorming the perfect holiday activity for your team, contact Teambonders today!

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