5 Thanksgiving Team Building Activities for the Office

Posted by Jake Mandel on Sep, 06, 2023

Thanksgiving is not just about delicious feasts and family reunions; it's a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude. This sentiment can also be channeled into the corporate environment to foster a sense of unity, appreciation, and team spirit

Teambonders, with its commitment to crafting fun, inclusive, and exciting team building events, has curated a list of five delightful Thanksgiving-themed activities for the office. 

These activities aim to bring teams closer, all while celebrating the holiday spirit.

#1 - Switch It Up Live! 

Switch It Up Live offers a dynamic live team experience, fostering collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills. Participants tackle a variety of timed tasks and puzzles. The twis​​t? A unique rotational system, ensuring every member engages in different challenges, spotlighting their individual talents

Teams embark on up to three activities, with up to two rounds each. Upon concluding each activity, a winner emerges. After which, we 'Switch It Up', reshuffling the teams, ensuring a fresh team dynamic for every game

#2 - Corporate Olympics 

Dive into our Corporate Olympic Games, breaking routine and boosting team spirit. Teambonders offers dynamic challenges starting with a vibrant opening ceremony. Navigate unique tasks and compete to set team benchmarks. Conclude optionally with medals and a celebratory ceremony. With our seamless event flow and expert facilitation, transitions are effortless. Teams vie for Gold, Silver, and Bronze cards, with the highest Gold achievers crowned as Corporate Olympic champions.

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#3 - BINGO! 

Guided by our dynamic Teambonders Program Directors, experience the ultimate BINGO event designed for virtual play. Suitable for 2-1,000 players, our Virtual Bingo offers custom winning patterns, free space branding, and options for online or printable cards. See the authentic Bingo caller board live on-screen. Customize your game with predetermined prizes or even include trivia questions. Prepare to call out B-I-N-G-O… this game's a hit!

#4 - AppMazing Hunt

Experience an electrifying team adventure with the Amazing AppVentures™ app. Featuring real-time GPS, team chats, and bespoke challenges, the AppMazing Hunt can be held anywhere, indoors or out, even spanning multiple cities. Capture moments through photos and videos, perfect for corporate meets and team sessions.

Beginning with a 15-minute briefing, teams have 2-2.5 hours to earn points by solving challenges and finding items. Prioritization is key as finding all items is tough. This event fosters teamwork and leaves a lasting impact.

#5 - Live Chef Challenges

What shouts Thanksgiving more than food? Embark on a culinary journey with our Live Chef Challenge, bringing intensity to your corporate teams. Engage in an Iron Chef-esque timed contest, where upon unveiling the 'secret ingredient', teams craft an appetizer, main entrée, and dessert for your chosen VIP judges. Whether you're a kitchen novice or culinary expert, this immersive activity strengthens team bonds and ignites workplace inspiration you've been seeking.

This Thanksgiving, it's about giving thanks, but also about building stronger bonds with the people we spend so much time with – our colleagues. These activities, crafted by Teambonders, ensure that teams come together in the spirit of the holiday, fostering gratitude, unity, and a lot of fun. Did you know that you can also add in a charitable activity into the mix? Learn about our 'giving-back' activities here.


Are you interested in learning how we can help you host a team activity? Browse our complete directory and then get in touch with Teambonders to discuss your next company event.