Does Your Company Need to Improve Employee Morale? 5 Signs That You Need To

Posted by Jake Mandel on Dec, 27, 2019

As a manager, nurturing a strong relationship that encourages trust and communication between yourself, and the employees you oversee, is critical to you being able to manage your team.

However, did you know that it’s just as important for strong relationships to exist between team members?

Establishing a bond between team members and promoting a positive work environment is key to the success of your department and business. That’s why, as a manager, you should constantly be evaluating team dynamics to determine whether or not there is an opportunity to improve communications, cooperation and trust.

If you see any of the following five signs in your team, there is an opportunity for your team to improve employee morale:

1 - Lack of friendly interaction

It isn’t just about communicating with one another but how your team communicates. Your team may talk with one another, but if you notice there is a high level of formality and your teams conversation is lacking the social cues that signify a stronger bond, such as smiles, jokes and mutual reinforcement, you should take this as a sign of a team that is not at their best.

2 - An emphasis is put on job titles and the responsibilities that go with it

While it is important for your team to have defined roles and responsibilities, it is also important for them to support one another. One of the most common signs of a toxic team is when team members are unwilling to help each other when timelines and resources are tight, even when they have the time and skill to spare.

3 - Team members don’t speak up

Your team should feel comfortable and willing to take responsibility for their actions, especially when admitting to mistakes. Mistakes happen, and your team should feel confident reaching out for help and working together to find a long-term solution. If your team members are withholding information, refusing to involve others or making others ‘look bad’, there is an opportunity to improve.

4 - Team members avoid conflict

When managed correctly, conflict is a healthy aspect of a strong team as it can help find new ideas and develop the skills of your team members. If your team often avoids sharing their opinions or secretly dislikes decisions, it can build negative feelings between team members.

5 - Lack of engagement

This can be a hard one to spot because often times, employees with low engagement will still get the job done but the reality is, they are doing the bare minimum to get by and the results of their effort will be less impressive then they would have been if your team was more engaged.

If you feel your team should be performing at a higher level and your team members stick to strict hours, avoid company events or have a generally neutral attitude towards work and interactions with team members, there are opportunities for you to increase engagement.

If any of these signs are present in your team, it may be time to consider a team building solution that focuses on building stronger inter-office relationships. For help choosing one that is right for you, contact us today.

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