Want to Boost Team Morale? Host a Classic Game Show Team Building Experience

Posted by Jake Mandel on Dec, 06, 2019

Game shows – who doesn’t love them? They are fun and exciting, entertaining and educational, and they keep us engaged. That is why they also make such great team building activities.

Not to mention they can be customized to include questions and activities that have to do with your industry, company and goals.

Here at Teambonders, we currently have four classic game show experiences for you to choose from:

1. The Feud

Based on the classic game show, Family Feud, The Feud offers two ways to play and can engage hundreds of participants at the same time. Complete with authentic visuals, sound effects and music, The Feud will make you feel like you are in the TV game show!

To compile the ‘top’ answers to a multitude of interesting pop culture and general knowledge questions, our own team went out and surveyed 100 people. Best of all, we include some questions about your own company.

The Feud is no spectator sport! Can your team uncover the most popular answers and bank the points?

2. Jeopardy

Just like the long-running hit show – your team’s overall knowledge of a myriad of subjects will be put to the ultimate test. Jeopardy is perfect for group sizes of 8 to 1000+ people, all teams play simultaneously so everyone is always a part of the action.

And remember…always phrase your answer in the form of a question!

3. Hollywood Game Zone

For groups looking for a “dash of everything,'' we've fused together some of our most popular, fast moving and high energy game show challenges into one spectacular package.

With Hollywood Game Zone, your entire team will be competing simultaneously in each and every game segment - so collaboration and communication are key! Is your group ready to enter the “zone”?

4. Quiz Quest

In Quiz Quest, teams are presented with a multitude of questions – but here’s the catch – unless the team scores enough points in any given ‘round’, they will be eliminated from the game! It’s going to take some great group collaboration and some quick thinking from your team.

Test your knowledge with a multitude of random questions, ranging from pop culture, to sports to custom corporate questions. Theme it to the 80’s, sports, pop culture, history, geography or mix them all! Be part of the excitement and work with your team to be crowned the Quiz Quest champions.

To find out more about our Classic Game Shows and to start planning your own custom corporate event, contact us today! We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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