4 Ways to Improve Communication and Teamwork in Your Small Business

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jun, 26, 2019


Communication and collaboration is the cornerstone of any business. It improves teamwork, and ensures your employees are working towards a common goal of meeting yearly targets and driving your business forward.

But what happens when your company is not communicating and collaborating effectively? Your work will suffer.

By ensuring that every member of your team has the tools, environment and relationship to successfully communicate, you’ll improve office relationships, create a superior company culture, become a business that candidates want to work for, deliver better quality work and much more.

So, how can your business make sure that it’s improving communication, collaboration and teamwork within the office? Teambonders has created four tips here:

1 - Create a collaborative workplace

To improve communication within your office and empower everyone with the confidence that their opinion is valued, it’s important that you foster an environment of collaboration and not dictatorship.

Lectures and monologues will only serve to leave your employees feeling frustrated and lacking the self-belief they need to voice their own opinions. Healthy conversation, on the other hand, will give everyone the chance to offer their input.

The result? Your company will create an environment where all of its employees are confident communicating with each other and working together for a common goal. This will allow you to maximize the unique opinions of your highly skilled workforce.

2 - Invest in the right communication tools

Are you only using email to internally communicate within your company? If so, you are probably drowning in useless information while missing out on the conversations that are most important for the growth of your business.

Investing in communication and collaboration tools - such as instant messaging applications for example - can help your business streamline your communication efforts and make it easier for employees to collaborate with each other on important projects.

3 - Make the most of meetings

Meetings are notorious for being huge time wasters in most organizations. If they are not well-planned or properly organized then it’s unlikely that the goal of the meeting will be achieved.

However, meetings that are well-planned and efficient (and don’t waste everyone’s time) will help your team to collaborate on important projects and produce higher quality work for your clients.

By taking a few small steps - such as sticking to an agenda, planning your meeting out, encouraging peers to participate with questions and taking notes to remember the important details - your organization can benefit significantly from holding regular meetings.

4 - Host a corporate team building event

A corporate team building event is about more than just giving something back to your employees.

Hosting an event will benefit your company in a variety of ways, including encouraging collaboration between employees, reducing workplace conflict, improving problem-solving in the office, building employee trust and relationships, and decreasing office cliques.

All of these benefits will improve teamwork in your company’s office, and will ultimately lead to better efficiencies, higher-quality work, more effective processes, an increase in revenue and the growth of your business.

Want more information on how Teambonders can design and facilitate a tailor-made corporate team building event for the unique needs of your organization? Contact our team of experts today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

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