7 High-Tech Corporate Team Building Events That Will Bring Your Team Together

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jul, 02, 2019

Are you looking to improve communication and teamwork within your business, while also catering to your team’s love of technology - why not consider hosting a high-tech corporate team building event?

In fact, a high-tech corporate team building program can bring your business a number of benefits. Team bonding events are a fantastic way to encourage staff members to bond, reduce employee stress, improve collaboration and teamwork, reduce workplace conflict and much more.

All these benefits will improve the way your company operates and works together, bringing you greater revenue and driving growth.

If you want to tap into these benefits while also providing your staff members with a high-tech day out that they’ll remember for years to come, check out these seven technology-based team building events designed by Teambonders:

1 - AppMazing Hunts

Brace yourself for action-packed, custom excitement that isn't necessarily physical at all! Powered by our patented Amazing AppVentures™ software, your app-enhanced hunt will include:

  • real-time GPS tracking;
  • live, real-time scoreboard updates;
  • interactive team chats;
  • audio and video clips;
  • mystery QR and UPC codes;
  • and much more.

Your event can be tailored to be played absolutely anywhere on the planet – so you can challenge coworkers and peers, either in the same city, or multiple cities simultaneously. Once all of the action is complete, your team will receive a copy of all of the videos and pictures taken by your group during their event. It's the perfect wrap up to a fantastic day!

Suggested time: 2 - 2.5 hours

Group sizes: 8 - 1,000+

Suggested team size: 8-10

2 - Espionage Suite Hotel Escape Game

Our skilled program architects can build a game for any property and any corporate team. Imagine your corporate identity blended with a realistic, cyber espionage crisis and you're in the thick of it.

Utilizing actual hotel rooms and hiding the game in plain sight makes this the most unique escape game available today. Nowhere else can your entire group play the exact same scenario against one another, simultaneously.

You have 60 minutes to save the company - are you up to the challenge?

Suggested time: 2 hours

Group sizes: 6 - 600

Suggested team size: 6 - 8

3 - The AppMazing Race

This built-to-suit version of the hit TV show has been created specifically for corporate groups of all shapes and sizes. This high-tech program is accessible to anyone regardless of technical ability and can be played with either our hardware or yours.

We have adapted our hit game to be played absolutely anywhere. The digital age allows us to feature the landscape of any location and put all of that awesomeness in the palm of your hands. Our keen attention to detail blends the very best of our famous AppMazing Hunts together with the traditional Amazing Race – style Bonus Challenges and Roadblocks to create an event like no other.

We recommend a minimum of three hours be set aside for this masterpiece of an experience. If your team is looking to create some lasting memories and conquer some irresistible challenges, then this is the amazing race program for you!

Suggested time: 2.5 - 3.5 hours

Group sizes: 8 - 1,000+

Suggested team size: 8 - 10

4 - Case Cracker Mobile Escape Game

Teams of 6-8 have 90 minutes to breach a locked attaché case and solve the linear mystery within. Hurdles include cyber technology, black lights, tactile riddles and cerebral challenges that will require the collective brainpower and collaboration of the entire group.

Teams that complete the challenge before time is up will be deemed "successful" but the ultimate champion is the one that finishes the quickest! Can you crack the case?

Suggested time: 2 - 2.5 hours

Group sizes: 4 - 120+

Suggested team size: 6-8

5 - Agent 777: GoldenApp

Ready to explore the world of being a secret agent? Crack out your passports, brush up on your dossiers and get ready for the team building mission to end all missions.

Your teams will be racing against the clock as you try to foil the mastermind scheme of the nefarious “Dr. Know”. You’ll be on a tight deadline and your journey will be chock full of intricate mission challenges, covert riddles and in-field agency tests.

Ultimately, the world’s safety depends on your quick wit, your steely resolve, and, of course, your world-renowned charming personalities. Tuxedos are optional.

Suggested time: 2 - 2.5 hours

Group sizes: 8 - 350+

Suggested team size: 8

6 - CSI: The AppVestigation

CSI: The AppVestigation maneuvers your group through an incredible mock crime created by us to suit your team’s corporate identity and/or your specific meeting or convention theme.

Based on the hit TV show, we provide all of the materials essential to solve your caper. CSI teams peruse the game zone looking for evidence and clues which, once compiled, provide the necessary pieces to take a stab (no pun intended) at cracking the case.

Suggested time: 2 - 2.5 hours

Group sizes: 8 - 350+

Suggested team size: 6-8

7 - Lights...Camera...Action!

Here’s your chance to be a Spielberg, Lucas or Scorsese. Our expert facilitators support and guide your team through the actual stages of film production – but make no mistake, your studios are in complete creative control.

Armed with tablets, and simple to use apps, even the most inexperienced filmmakers have the ability to create a cinematic masterpiece. A Film Festival complete with popcorn and the awarding of 'Best Picture' is a great way to wrap the day. We provide you with the complete experience that your team will never forget – they can’t, you’ll have it all synced to the cloud to share or via USB drive.

Suggested time: 4 - 5 hours

Group sizes: 8 - 250

Suggested team size: 6-8

Want to learn more about how Teambonders can design and facilitate a tailor-made corporate team building event for your company, whether you are based in Canada or the US? Contact our team of experts today for more information.

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