Event Description

This built-to-suit version of the hit TV show has been created specifically for corporate groups of all shapes and sizes.  This high-tech program is accessible to anyone regardless of technical ability and can be played with either our hardware or yours.

We have adapted our hit game to be played absolutely anywhere. The digital age allows us to feature the landscape of any location and put all of that awesomeness in the palm of your hands. Our keen attention to detail blends the very best of our famous APPMAZING Hunts together with the traditional Amazing Race – style Bonus Challenges & Roadblocks to create an event like no other. We recommend a minimum of 3 hours be set aside for this masterpiece of an experience. If your team is looking to create some lasting memories and conquer some irresistible challenges, than this is the AMAZING RACE program for you!

Suggested Time:

2.5-3.5 hours

Group Sizes:

8 - 1000 +

Suggested Team Size:

Teams of 8-10