5 Interactive Conference Ideas to Increase Engagement in 2022

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jan, 07, 2022


2021 is over and we’re into a New Year. That means one thing for your business. The spring conference season is just around the corner! Are you planning a corporate conference for your business this year? 

If you’re in charge of planning a corporate conference for your organization, the process can quickly become more stressful and taxing than your actual day-to-day job. Not only do you need to plan an event that is educational, valuable and informative to your attendees, you also need to make sure it’s fun.

Why You Should Host a Team Building Event During Your Conference.

So, how exactly do you create an exciting corporate conference that ensures your attendees are fully engaged with your event. Here are a five tips that will improve how interactive and engaging your corporate conference is in 2022:  

#1 - Host team building events to build excitement and improve engagement

People attend a conference for educational and valuable information that helps them progress their careers, but that doesn’t mean they want to sit in boring lectures. The best conferences are engaging and interactive for those attending. 

Hosting team building events during your corporate conference is a fantastic way to make your conference more interactive and enhance networking opportunities. You’ll allow attendees to connect with their peers, have a mental break from your educational sessions, and, most importantly, have fun!

There are a few ways in which your business will benefit from hosting a team building event in your conference, including:

  • Building a buzz for your conference among attendees.
  • Enhancing the networking opportunities during your conference.
  • Improving the engagement of your conference attendees.
  • Making your conference more exciting and interactive. 

Create the Perfect Agenda With Corporate Conference Combinations. 

#2 - Kick off your sessions with ice breakers

Conference attendees want an interactive event where they can listen to valuable information, give their own input and discuss topics with their peers. 

To help break the ice and get conversation flowing, try starting your sessions with ice breakers. Ask your attendees some random questions or play a quick game to get the conversations started, this will help people to get to know each other and create a good vibe in the room. 

#3 - Keep your attendees moving

There’s no better way to lose the interest of your conference attendees than by keeping them in the same seat all day - this becomes particularly more important when you host a virtual conference and your attendees are sitting at their desk all day. 

To keep your attendees engaged, consider hosting a health and wellness program throughout the day. This will keep your attendees moving, engage with your conference and give their mind’s a break from the educational sessions you are delivering.

#4 - Use storytelling to grab your attendees’ attention

People love storytelling, it’s engaging, interactive, inspiring and gets people talking about your brand. If you have the time, try creating a cool and inspiring video you can showcase at your conference to set the tone for your fun and interactive event. 

#5 - Host a quiz with prizes

Conferences can go on for hours, or even days. If the conference delivery wasn’t engaging, attendees are unlikely to remember much of what they’ve listened to, and if they aren’t gaining value then it’s unlikely they’ll be back next year.

To up the ante, host a quiz at the end of your conference with questions about what has been discussed throughout the event. This will encourage your attendees to listen throughout the event and help your organization gauge what attendees have taken away from the program.

Get a competitive spirit working for you and offer a prize to the winner of the quiz to build a bigger buzz around it.

Interested in learning more ways in which your business can plan a more exciting, interactive and engaging corporate conference this year? Get in touch with Teambonders today. Our team would love to help.


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