Create the Perfect Agenda With Corporate Conference Combinations!

Posted by Jake Mandel on May, 05, 2021


If you are holding an online or even hybrid virtual conference this year, a mixture of games, challenges, and personal or professional development could be the secret ingredient in your perfect agenda.

Often we hear that clients want a particular game activity like, Virtual Hollywood Games , Virtual Feud, or Virtual Bingo. But, then they’ll say, “we’d really like to offer something that promotes employee wellness too”, or, “but, you know the team would also love… I can’t decide!”.

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And when it comes to planning a conference, you have even more reason to mix it up and select a combination of activities. Here are 3 great agenda slots where you can offer multiple breakout activities or team building sessions.

1 - Conference Kick-Off

A virtual conference may seem more impersonal because physical separation and technology can keep people from connecting. One way to engage your attendees is with a fun icebreaker that can act as a networking session. You can organize people into teams and get them chatting and building rapport together. Teambonders activities will build camaraderie that will last through your conference and beyond!

2 - Mid-Day Recharge

After a full morning of learning and exchanging ideas, your attendees will enjoy a mid-day break, and Teambonders offers activities that focus on well-being, health, relaxation and more - perfect for that spot on the agenda. Giving people a lower key learning session, such as a celebrity keynotes speaker, or chef’s demonstration will provide the break needed to re-energize your conference guests.

3 - After-Hours Fun

Conferences traditionally offer evening dinners, galas, and parties, and a virtual or hybrid conference can still provide some high energy entertainment. Teambonders can provide gala styled acts and events for your entire group or you can offer concurrent activities that guests can sign-up for. Here’s some ideas:

We’ve Got Talent - conference talent show!
Virtual Mixology
Virtual Texas Hold Em Boot Camp

It’s important to note that when you choose to work with Teambonders you will gain access to a dedicated program manager that will help you select activities, make arrangements, and host or facilitate the event in a highly entertaining and professional manner.

We’re ready to help make your conference experience the best ever! Contact us today to arrange a call with one of our representatives.

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