4 Types of Virtual Events That Will Drive Remote Employee Engagement

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jun, 24, 2020

The transition to remote work has resulted in a huge number of changes for organizations around the world, and employee communication has come to the forefront of operational challenges in recent months. Ensuring that your teams continue to communicate when working from home is a key element when it comes to employee engagement, collaboration and working toward achieving those annual goals.

Just because your organization’s employees are now working from home doesn’t mean your company can take a step back from engaging them. In fact, ensuring your team is connected and motivated is more important than ever. That’s where virtual team building events come in. 

Packages That Will Knock Your Stockings Off!Here are four different styles of virtual events that will promote collaboration, drive employee engagement and encourage professional development among the remote workers within your organization.

1 - Improve COLLABORATION through exciting GAMES

Fun team building exercises help workers become more engaged with their jobs, improve productivity, help your team to better communicate, encourage creative thinking and much more. Just because your employees are working from home, doesn’t mean that your business can’t host a team building activity. You just need to go virtual instead. 

Here are some exciting game-based events that will get your team talking.

Virtual Feud: Our online version of the Feud, the popular long-running TV program – whereby individuals, or teams compete virtually, head to head trying to guess the most popular answers to various survey questions all at the same time...with a Teambonders twist! The goal in Teambonders’ version is to maximize participation. The emphasis is not put on individual members, but rather the team works together in an online collaborative process to communicate an overall group answer.

Suggested time: 1 hour or longer
Group sizes: 2 - 1,000+
Suggested team size: Small collaborative teams

Virtual Hollywood Games: Roll out the red carpet and get out the glitter, we've got a virtual team building event for the all Hollywood Stars. Our Virtual Hollywood Games is a program of super-charged fabulous fun for online corporate groups of all sizes. For companies and organizations looking for a “dash of everything”, we’ve fused together some of our most popular, fast moving and high energy Game Show Challenges into one spectacular package.

Suggested time: 1 hour or longer
Group sizes: 2 - 1,000+
Suggested team size: Individual or small virtual teams

Appmazing Virtual Hunt - Corporate Edition: Stay safe, in the comfort of your own homes, while you take on coworkers in a ‘real-time’ digital game. teams will try and complete as many of the custom-corporate challenges as possible within the time limit. Because you will not be able to complete them all…players/teams will need to strategize ultimately what to ‘go for’ and what to ‘leave behind’.

Suggested time: 1 - 1.5 hours
Group sizes: 2 - 10,000+
Suggested team size: Individuals or small teams

Virtual Quiz Quest: Teambonders has taken custom, interactive trivia to a whole new level. Test your knowledge with a multitude of random questions, ranging from pop culture, to sports to custom corporate questions. Theme it to the 80’s, sports, pop culture, history, geography or mix ‘em all!  Be part of the excitement and work with your team to be crowned the Virtual Quiz Quest champions.

Suggested time: Customizable 
Group sizes: 1 - 1,000+
Suggested team size: Teams of any size 

Virtual Corporate Texas Hold ‘Em Tournaments: Get your team together and compete against one another in a real time, virtual, online Texas Hold 'Em Poker tournament. Teambonders takes care of all the details from an inspiring and educational keynote from one of the world's best poker players.  Once you have had a lesson and we have distributed the virtual currency, your group will face off in an elimination, authentic Hold 'Em Poker tournament.

Suggested time: 2+ hours
Group sizes: 10 - 100+
Suggested team size: Individual only 

2 - Encourage professional development through EDUCATION

When employees are based in the office they are constantly learning. They take part in online courses, they attend seminars and they teach their fellow workers what they’ve learnt. This becomes more difficult when working from home. 

When working remotely, there are a range of distractions that may keep an employee from developing professionally. They’ll still get the work done, but they might not go above and beyond. That’s why you should consider hosting events that are not only fun, but also help employees to develop their careers. 

Virtual Bonding With Stars: Hosting an online corporate event, keynote or conference? Keynote speakers, VIP's, motivational speakers and celebrities are available through Teambonders' Virtual Bonding with Stars. We have a wide variety of fully-interactive, celebrity virtual appearances ready to entertain your audience and create a memorable company online meeting or event. We have access to the best and brightest personalities, all guaranteed to suit your corporate identity.

Suggested time: Customizable
Group sizes: 8 - 100+

The Spirit of Radio: Write, create and produce a real, authentic radio program. From old time radio plays and shows to modern talk radio the themes and content possibilities are endless! Your team will work together in a team setting to create a masterpiece, such as scripts, recording schedules, sound effects and voice overs, for the whole group to share.

Suggested time: 2+ hours
Group sizes: 2 - 100+

Keynotes Online: Choose between keynote speeches on building and maintaining a championship culture at your workplace or the importance of communication and collaboration in the workplace - or choice both! These innovative keynote speakers online will teach you and your employees how to create a world-class culture and collaborative environment among remote employees.

Suggested time: Customizable
Group sizes: Any

Humaneyes Online: Humaneyes is our leadership skills development training workshop designed to help team members achieve exceptional, compassionate leadership on both personal and organizational levels. If you're looking to develop leaders within your company or team, to improve communication, teamwork and morale, then Humaneyes is a workshop for you. Create a positive culture shift and enhance team performance by going deep into core values and interpersonal skills.

Suggested time: Delivered in 1.5 hour segments
Group sizes: Any

3 - Lift spirits with a CHARITABLE EVENT

Want to give back to your local community but don’t know how when your employees are working from home? Teambonders has a range of virtual events that are perfect for building team spirit and donating to a good cause.

Virtual Bonding for Charity: Let's cut right to the chase. We can make any of our virtual programs a charitable home run! We get asked to make our events charitable all the time!  Your efforts can yield anything from a monetary donation to providing necessities to families or organizations in need. You can choose any cause that you'd like. We'll take care of the rest.

Suggested time: Customizaeable
Group sizes: 8 - 1,000+
Suggested team size: Varies depending on chosen option

4 - Improve Employee HEALTH and WELLBEING

Working from home comes with its fair share of advantages, but not having regular communication like they would when they are based in an office can lead to feelings of frustration and loneliness for remote employees. To avoid this, it’s important your company takes proactive steps to improve employee health and wellbeing. Consider a virtual event to improve the health of your employees.

Wellness - Mind and Body Online: Choose from a variety of different programs - such as meditation, yoga, musical instrument lessons and many others - that are designed to allow people to work on themselves a little. Combine these with some of our traditional, virtual team building options or utilize them as stand alone sessions, these quick 30-45 minute bursts of "mental departure" are great to help recharge the mind and body.

Suggested time: 30 - 45 minute sessions
Group sizes: 2 - 10,000+
Suggested team size: All together, from individual houses 

Interested in learning more about how virtual team building events can help improve the collaboration, wellbeing and engagement of your remote employees?

Packages That Will Knock Your Stockings Off!

Contact Teambonders today. Our team building experts would love to answer any questions that you may have.

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