Zoom Happy Hour no Longer Cutting it? 5 Virtual Team Building Ideas

Posted by Jake Mandel on Mar, 16, 2021

For the past year, the vast majority of organizations around North America have made the transition to remote work. While this workstyle comes with a number of benefits, there’s no denying it also has its challenges. 

The top challenges associated with remote work all lead back to employee engagement. Whether it’s feeling lonely, staying motivated, the challenge of unplugging after work or feeling siloed from the rest of the team, these are all factors that can have a serious impact on the productivity of remote employees.

To keep morale levels up, businesses have been promoting Zoom hang outs. That could be taking some time to eat lunch with colleagues, grabbing a drink for an hour after work on a video call or even just taking a quick coffee break.

The problem is, eventually your team members will become bored of these sessions. To keep team building effective you’ll need to spice it up a little. 

To ensure your remote employees continue to communicate well and build on their relationships, Teambonders has a range of exciting virtual team building events that are designed specifically to boost employee engagement and team collaboration. 

Here are five virtual team building events that will get your team building program back on track.

#1 - Get your employees thinking with a virtual escape room

Did you think escape rooms were only physical events? Wrong! Buckle up for a high-tech, virtual escape room where corporate teams work together to solve a range of puzzles and crack the case. This fun, engaging virtual team building event directly improves how team members communicate and collaborate with each other in their day-to-day work lives. 

#2 - Play a round of trivia

Trivia events are a great way to bring your employees together through a little bit of healthy competition. Create a virtual trivia event around the questions that your team would enjoy the most, such as 80’s, sports, history or geography, or combine them all to create the ultimate quiz. You could even create your own corporate-themed questions.

#3 - Share a culinary experience

There's not many things more informative, exciting and enjoyable than creating your own meal and then eating it. Bring your employees together virtually with a live chef experience and boost morale with a shared culinary experience. Employees will work together in a shared experience to create a culinary masterpiece they can call their own.

#4 - Bring your team together for a good cause

There’s no better way to bring your employees together and raise morale than hosting a team building event for a good cause. Whether it’s raising a money donation or providing necessities to families/organizations in need, a virtual charity team building event is a great way to show how much your brand and its employees care about your local community. 

#5 - Take part in a mind and body wellness session

Working from home every day of the week can be exhausting. Many people are struggling from a lack of social interaction with their peers and a huge decrease in the amount of physical exercise they participate in. Give your employees some “me time” with a virtual wellness-focused program. This includes anything from getting your employees moving with a yoga session, hosting a regular meditation session or getting the creative juices flowing with an educational seminar - such as learning to paint or learning to play a musical instrument. 

Want more advice on how to improve team building within your remote teams, and how Teambonders can deliver a virtual team building program designed for the specific needs of your organization? Contact our team of world-class corporate event creators today.

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