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8 Components of a Successful Winter-Themed Corporate Event - Part 2

Posted by Jake Mandel on Sep, 24, 2019

In our previous blog, titled ‘8 Components of a Successful Winter-Themed Corporate Event - Part 1’ we talked about some of the things your company needs to consider before planning your winter-themed corporate team building event.

Now that you’ve jumped into the planning phase, there is more that can be done to ensure your organization hosts a successful corporate team building event. Here are five further tips:

1 - Align event activities with daily responsibilities

While every event you plan should be fun and exciting, you should also include activities that connect with your team’s everyday responsibilities. This will help set your business up for future success.

Doing so will make the event more relevant to your employees, increase participation, as well as encourage them to be as productive as possible. Take advantage of the holiday season and use it to help your employees grow and bond as a team.

2 - Think about the details

It’s easy to miss the smallest of details when you consider everything that needs to be done to plan an event.

While some aspects of the planning process - such as transportation, having enough to eat and drink and accessibility - may not seem as important as some others, neglecting to consider them can have a negative effect on the event. This will result in employees becoming distracted by their discomfort or unmet expectations.

Making a to-do list can help ensure your company, as well as those organizing the team building event, that you are prepared and ready for all possibilities.

3 - Get your team involved

If you have ever planned an event, you have likely experienced lackluster involvement from your team. That is because, for most of us, simply telling your employees about the event is not enough to get them excited.

That is why, during the days and weeks leading up to the event, you should find ways to engage your team with the upcoming experience. Conducting informal surveys or asking employees to give suggestions about different aspects of the event can be a good way to help them connect with the event.

You could also introduce a theme to get your team talking about what they plan on doing for the event - What they will be wearing? What persona they will take on? You can also promote office conversations by sharing exciting tidbits from the event - give hints or provide teasers without uncovering every fun detail.

4 - Lead by example

Emotions are contagious! The attitude of your guests will greatly reflect the attitude of you and your planning team. Leading up to, and on the day of your event, be an example and ensure you are having a fun time.

5 - Plan for the worst

While you don’t want to bring yourself down by thinking about everything that could go wrong, planning for the worst will ensure you are prepared for all situations. Prior to the event, look at every detail and consider what could go wrong, then make sure you have a plan b.

This will prepare you to effectively cope and move on if anything does try to disrupt your event.

For more information on planning a successful event, or for help with your next team building experience, contact Teambonders today! Our team is happy to provide tips and insights, as well as help plan your big day!

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