8 Components of a Successful Winter-Themed Corporate Event - Part 1

Posted by Jake Mandel on Sep, 20, 2019

Every year stores seem to stock their holiday décor earlier and earlier. In fact, you may have already seen fall and winter-themed decorations filling up the shelves of some of the stores you visit.

While you may not need winter décor just yet, the reality is, if you are looking to plan a fun corporate event for the upcoming holiday season, this is the time to get started.

For some companies, this may be one of the first times you have had to organize an event for your team members and, at first, it can seem overwhelming. To help you get started, in this first part of the blog we take a look at three key components:

1. What is the purpose of your event?

Before diving in, it is important for you to first determine why you are hosting a corporate team building event.

Are you looking to celebrate achievements? Do you want to help your team bond? Are you looking to bring everyone together to help support a local cause and get into the holiday spirit?

There are several reasons that companies choose to host a corporate event and sometimes there is more than one goal. Whatever you choose, take the time to consider the final objective and how it aligns with your corporate goals - this will be critical to the type of event that you decide to host.

2. Set a budget

Now that you know why you are planning your event, it is time to get your budget together.

A corporate event can grow quickly, and many find that they have blown their budget before they have even started planning. With proper planning, however, you can plan an amazing team building event with any budget.

Take the time to determine a budget and then shape your event around it. There are a number of fun and engaging activities that can be planned for any budget - you just need to be creative. A highly experienced event creator and facilitator, such as Teambonders, can help you here.

3. Choose a theme

Many events have a theme, which helps to make them more fun for those attending. Your theme can be based on an upcoming holiday, a common interest among your team or even a TV or game show.

If you are unsure of a theme, ask your team for some ideas. This will get them involved in the planning process and can help them feel more connected to the event.

For more information on planning a successful corporate event for the holidays or to start the brainstorming process, contact us today. You can read five further tips in the second half of this blog, titled '8 Components of a Successful Winter-Themed Corporate Event - Part 2'.

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