Spice Up Your Corporate Event: 5 Exciting Theme Ideas

Posted by Jake Mandel on Sep, 21, 2023

Corporate events play a crucial role in energizing employees, fostering team spirit, and boosting morale. But after attending a few, they can start to feel repetitive. The solution? Spice them up with innovative themes!

Team building activities with a theme bring a new dimension of excitement and engagement to any corporate event. Effective team building activities can improve communication, increase engagement and enhance overall attendee satisfaction. 

To access these benefits, it’s critical to ensure your team building activities are fresh and engaging. Enter event themes. Themes not only infuse excitement and novelty into corporate activities but also enhance the team-building experience, making it more memorable and impactful.

Teambonders, a leader in crafting transformative team experiences, presents these top five event themes for your next corporate event. 

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#1 - Hollywood Red Carpet 🎬

Turn your employees into stars! Roll out the red carpet, set up photo booths with props, and let everyone bask in the spotlight. This can be a fantastic idea when tied into award ceremonies, annual meetings, or celebrating significant company milestones.

💡 Teambonders Activity Idea: Our Hollywood Game Zone is a program of super-charged fabulous fun for corporate groups of all sizes. For companies and organizations looking for a “dash of everything”, we’ve fused together some of our most popular, fast moving and high energy Game Show Challenges into one spectacular package.


#2 - Charity Champions 🏆 

A day dedicated to giving back. Teams partake in team building activities designed to support a charitable cause, whether it's crafting toys for children, assembling care packages, or organizing mini-fundraisers. Giving back can help foster a sense of corporate responsibility and nurturing compassion within teams.

💡 Teambonders Activity Idea: We get asked to make our events charitable all the time. That’s why we can make any of our programs a charitable home run, with our Team Building for Charity Program! Your efforts can yield anything from a monetary donation to providing necessities to families or organizations in need. You can choose any cause that you'd like.  We'll take care of the rest.


#3 - International World Fair 🌎

Celebrate the diversity and culture of your team. Create stalls representing different countries, complete with traditional foods, games, and performances. Team activities are a fantastic way to emphasize the richness of your company culture. 

💡 Teambonders Activity Idea: Nothing brings people together from around the world like food. Our custom Live Chef Challenge transports your corporate teams to Kitchen Stadium in this culinary cooking challenge! Teams work together to successfully produce masterpieces in a timed Iron Chef-style culinary competition.


#4 - Sports Extravaganza 🏅

A day of friendly sports competitions, from soccer to tug-of-war. Teams can represent different "countries" or departments. This is a great way for large companies to promote inter-departmental bonding. Conclude with a fun awards ceremony recognizing not just winners, but also the most spirited or creative players.

💡 Teambonders Activity Idea: Only time will tell who ends up on the podium in Teambonders’ Corporate Olympics. Energize your entire group, department or company with an immerse, interactive social event that sees competing teams, go for gold!


#5 - Carnival Day 🍿

Host a lively carnival setup with game stalls, popcorn, and cotton candy machines. Teams compete in classic carnival games or set up their own stalls. This is the perfect team and family-inclusive corporate event. 

💡 Teambonders Activity Idea: Host a Teambonders Corporate Carnival activity and include anything – enormous inflatables, obstacle courses, dunk tanks, climbing walls, food concessions, mini-golf courses, custom Teambonders activity stations, and prizes.

Interested in organizing your very own team building activity to build trust within your department or business? Get in touch with Teambonders today. Our team of expert and experienced team building facilitators and planners would love to help. 


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