Make the Most of the Great Outdoors by Bonding With Nature and Your Team This Summer with a Corporate Team Building Event

Posted by Jake Mandel on May, 17, 2019

A fresh perspective is a great way to motivate your team, and getting outside for some corporate team building fun is a great way to reward your staff and develop their skills at the same time. Not to mention it is proven to lower stress, restore energy, improve creativity and boost a person’s health and wellbeing.

While it may not feel like it, warm weather will soon be here to stay (at least until the fall) making it the perfect time to host an outdoor team bonding corporate event

Here are 15 morale boosting ideas that will help get you and your team out into the fresh air for some group connection, development and fun.

When High Tech meets Sunshine

AppMazing Hunts

Action-packed, custom excitement powered by our patented Amazing AppVentures™ software featuring real-time GPS tracking, live, real-time scoreboard updates, interactive team chats, audio and video clips, mystery QR and UPC codes, and more. Best of all, your event can be tailored to be played absolutely anywhere on the planet!

AppMazing Race

This built-to-suit version of the hit TV show has been created specifically for corporate groups of all shapes and sizes and blends the very best of our famous APPMAZING Hunts together with the traditional Amazing Race – style Bonus Challenges and Roadblocks to create an event like no other.

Agent 777: GoldenApp

Ready to explore the world of being a secret agent? Your teams will be racing against the clock as you try to foil the mastermind scheme of the nefarious “Dr. Know”. You’ll be on a tight deadline and your journey will be chock full of intricate mission challenges, covert riddles and in-field agency tests.

CSI: The AppVestigation

CSI: The AppVestigation maneuvers your group through an incredible mock crime created by us to suit your team’s corporate identity and/or your specific meeting or convention theme. CSI teams peruse the game zone looking for evidence and clues which, once compiled, provide the necessary pieces to take a stab (no pun intended) at cracking the case.


Here’s your chance to be a Spielberg, Lucas or Scorsese. Our expert facilitators support and guide your company’s teams through the actual stages of film production armed with tablets, and simple to use apps, so even the most inexperienced filmmakers have the ability to create a cinematic masterpiece. A Film Festival complete with popcorn and the awarding of 'Best Picture' is a great way to wrap the day.

Nurture their Creativity in The Great Outdoors

Creative Construction: Bridge Building

We put your team to work planning and constructing a life-size, working bridge. Teams design, construct and test their bridges for strength, size, payload and durability. Careful – Teambonders chooses the materials and set the parameters – so only the grandest of structures will prevail.

Creative Construction: Boat Building

Each team is responsible for constructing a life-size, water-worthy vessel using only the materials that we allocate. Teams design, construct and race their boats – head to head – in the ultimate Teambonders regatta. This is a perfect team challenge for groups utilizing resorts or any properties that are located close to safe water. For those looking for an indoor alternative, Teambonders can assist your team in securing a suitable aquatic facility.

Creative Construction: Go-Kart Build

Pit crews must design, decorate and actually build a human size (5ft long), working go-kart. Although these do not have engines, they will be fully functional complete with metal steering columns, front and rear axles and a brake cable. We provide all of the materials imaginable for the crews from power tools to the race course itself. Teams compete in the Ultimate Teambonders Corporate Grand Prix which will determine once and for all, who the office champions are!

From Screen to Fields

Gone In 60 Seconds

Mimicking the frantic format of the hit TV program Minute to Win It, our expert facilitation team will put players through a series of unique, pesky and table-top challenges (many of which derived straight from the show). Tight space? Small group? No problem. Ideal for smaller venues, more intimate group gatherings and as a feature show for large groups.

Shark’s Den

It’s time to face the Sharks! Each team will use their combined talents and entrepreneurial skills in hopes of being the most profitable team. Each company is assigned a mystery product or service and must come up with a marketing plan and pitch in their attempt to secure the biggest financial commitment when facing the VIP Sharks, if they even bite at all.

Revivor Survivor

Complete with Tribal Council, this program is high energy, creative and downright exciting. With challenges ranging from cerebral and strategic to active and quick, this complete Survivor-style program is a hit in locations of almost any shape or size. This program is jammed with twists and turns to maximize your group’s excitement and is custom designed to be light and easy or difficult & physical to suit your group’s specific needs.

Fear Factory

Based on the hit TV show, we’ve produced a full-blown program complete with fake disgusting food (but not that disgusting), exciting stunts and anything else you can’t predict. Designed to be intense or relaxed, teams or individuals compete against each other and the clock to conquer some of the most creative fears imaginable.

These ideas are just the beginning! At Teambonders, we can customize any of our team bonding challenges to be brought outdoors.

Don’t wait until the sunshine has come and gone – start planning your next skill building corporate event today. Looking for more information on the best corporate team building event for your business? Contact us today.

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