In-Person Corporate Events Are Back: 4 Events Just for You

Posted by Jake Mandel on Aug, 03, 2021

Here at Teambonders we have been largely focusing on our virtual team building event offerings for the past year or so due to the pandemic, and the restrictions around congregating in large groups. But we’re delighted to announce that in-person corporate events are back. 

As new locations continue to open up in North America and beyond, we’re excited to continue to roll out our live event options such as our AppMazing Hunt, Minutes to Win IT, Charity Bicycle Building and so much more.

Whatever live in-person corporate event your organization is looking for, Teambonders has you covered. 

Before we look at some of our top in-person events, let’s first take a look at how your organization will benefit from hosting a corporate event - from happier employees, improved productivity and so much more. 

How will your organization benefit from an in-person corporate event?

Corporate team building is a broad term for a wide number of events and activities that your organization can use to enhance employee collaboration, drive up employee satisfaction and improve workplace efficiencies. 

Fun team building events and games are the most effective way to realize the benefits of corporate team building. These events could include anything from quizzes, charity events, game shows, escape games, health and wellness as well as a variety of other events that get your employees working together in an exciting environment. 

The top benefits that your organization can realize from a corporate team building event, include:

  • Improved employee communication.
  • A more loyal workforce.
  • A team who is encouraged to focus on creative decision making.
  • Improved team morale.
  • The ability to strengthen company culture, and build a more enjoyable place to work.
  • Improved team productivity.
  • Better collaboration between team members.
  • Increased motivation to create high-quality work.
  • Improved relationships between team members
  • And so much more!

Top 4 in-person corporate events

#1 - AppMazing Hunt

Are you ready for an adventure? This action-packed, custom team event brings the fun of a scavenger hunt to a whole new level of excitement. 

Powered by our innovative and patented Amazing appVentures mobile app software, this riveting event includes real-time team GPS map tracking, live scoreboard updates, interactive team chats, custom audio & video clips, mystery QR & UPC codes, and so much more. 

#2 - Minutes to Win It

Based on the hit TV show, Minutes to Win It will see your team work together to solve a multitude of fast-moving challenges and tasks. Whether its light physical, cerebral or team tasks, your employees will worth together to come out on top. 

#3 - The Feud

Bring your team together with this exciting game show event based on the hit TV show. Complete with survey questions, classic visuals, sound effects and music, your team will have to work together to answer questions based on pop culture, general knowledge and even your business. 

Team will work together in a collaborative and inclusive process to communicate a group answer. Your employees will pin their heads together in a battle to see which team comes out victorious. 

#4 - Charity Bicycle Building 

Are you looking to organize an event that not only helps strengthen relationships and collaboration among your team, but also gives back to your local community? Our Bonding For a Cause Bicycle Building program is the perfect engaging event to improve team morale and make a positive contribution to your favourite charity.

Empower your team members to work together to build something that they are proud of. You can even tag another quiz event or classic game show onto the event to make it an even more exciting program that raises more money. 

Interested in learning more about the Teambonders range of in-person corporate event programs? Get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you organize the right event for you.

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