How to Host a Virtual Holiday Party

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 15, 2020
We’re heading into the holiday season, and while your annual get together at a local venue might have been put on ice, we’ve got some virtual party ideas that will thaw out your team’s holiday spirit!

Teambonders is the leader when it comes to virtual events for corporate teams, and special celebrations like Christmas or New Years is no exception. With rules in place in many regions for the max numbers of people at an indoor gathering, event planners need to go digital and move the party online.

We’re here to help, and we’d like to share with you some tips for organizing a virtual online celebration.

#1 Planning

Just because your event is online doesn’t mean it doesn’t follow basic planning principles for hosting a gather. It’s still important to scope out the size of the group, the type of entertainment that would appeal to your corporate culture, food ideas (for delivery!), themes, the event date, and of course the budget! 

#2 Select a Program

With Teambonders you have a wide range of fully customizable interactive programs, from quiz shows, poker games, talent contests, guest speakers, celebrity performers, cooking demos, arts & crafts lessons, even a virtual dance party! And best of all, your Teambonders consultant will work with you to build the best program and help you select activities that work together and deliver a highly entertaining time.

Did you know, you can add a charitable component / event to your virtual celebration? We can help you select a cause and come up with ways that your participants can contribute.

#3 Promote Your Party

There are lots of creative ways to invite your entire company or team to the big event. Digital posters, email invites, text messages, Zoom calls.. The important thing is to create the vibe and excitement and build everyone’s anticipation and interest.

Most likely, having your party online in a virtual venue is something brand new. Everyone might be more comfortable with video meetings if your workforce is working from home, but remember that for some it might be a first experience and you need to make sure they feel confident about participating.

One idea is to have a warm up event prior to the big celebration to get people familiar with how it all works. We’d be happy to help with that too!

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