3 Virtual Team Building Packages That Will Delight Your Employees This Holiday Season

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 07, 2020

October is here! That means one thing, the holiday season is rapidly approaching. With remote work now in practice for the vast majority of organizations, things are certainly going to be a little bit different for your team this year. 

Since your employees can’t physically meet up this holiday season for a team bonding event, it’s important that your business considers a festive virtual team building event instead. 

Virtual team building events are similar to physical team building activities and are designed to specifically improve communication and collaboration among your staff members. The only difference is, a virtual team building activity is performed over the internet using a platform such as Zoom.

So, what are the benefits of hosting a virtual team building event?

With employees unable to physically see each other in the office and instead communicating over the internet, virtual team building should now become a crucial component of your organization’s employee engagement strategy.  

Virtual team building will bring a large number of benefits to your business, including:

  • Building stronger working relationships among your remote employees.
  • Improved employee productivity.
  • Increased staff motivation.
  • Better collaboration and communication between employees. 
  • Investing back into your employees and providing them with positive reinforcement.
  • The encouragement of creative decision making.
  • Improved engagement among employees.
  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction, which leads to increased retention of top talent.
  • A stronger sense of team spirit.
  • Most importantly, these all lead to increased profits for your organization.

3 virtual team building packages that will give your employees a boost this festive season

To ensure your business is able to access the above benefits, Teambonders is excited to bring you our 2020 Virtual Holiday Party options. These innovative options are made up of three packages that have been specifically designed to engage and entertain all of your employees.

These packages include a choice of game shows such as The Virtual Feud, Virtual Hollywood Game Zone, Quiz Quest Pop Culture Trivia, Virtual Jeopardy, as well as immersive virtual experiences including Live Chef Experiences, We've Got Talent!, Mixology (Wine, Whiskey and Tequila), Smoothie Mixology, Wellness: Mind & Body and Bonding With Stars!

For organizations that want to give back to their local community, you can even choose our Virtual Bonding For Charity program add-on. 

With those virtual events in mind, here are the three packages we have designed to make building your 2020 holiday season virtual team bonding event an easy and enjoyable experience:

#1 - The Double Header

This package will see your group gather in our main event stage for a welcome address, awards and a thank you for their hard work throughout 2020 from your organization. Once complete, Teambonders will produce two high-energy team building programs that engage and excite your employees.

#2 - Options for all

Starting with a pre-event meet and greet on our virtual main event stage, this package will allow you to provide awards, show your appreciation and recognize your employees for their hard work across the year. Following that, your team will have the choice to choose from up to two highly engaging game show-style team building events running at the same time. Once the first 45 minutes are up, your employees will then be seamlessly switched to the next 45 minute-activity.

#3 - The Ultimate Mixer

Have an idea of exactly what you want for your 2020 virtual team building activity? This option is where you get it all. With our third package, you can take advantage of our virtual meeting and gala production experience to build your very own seamless, engaging and memorable team building package. 

Want to learn more about our 2020 Virtual Holiday Party packages and how they can improve the communication, productivity and collaboration of your remote employees? Get in touch with us today. We would love to discuss these programs in more detail.

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