Virtual Team Building Exercises: Fun Lifestyle & Wellness Activities

Posted by Jake Mandel on May, 19, 2020


Are you looking for a group activity that will give your team a mental break and encourage peace of mind and relaxation? Sometimes you want an activity that picks up everyone's energy level and is full of buzz and excitement, but, sometimes the perfect team event is one that will restore calm and encourage physical activity or creativity.

According to research conducted recently by ClassPlass, “Seventy-five percent of professionals surveyed believe it is their employer’s responsibility to contribute to their health and wellbeing, ideally in part by providing wellness benefits to employees.”

Employee wellness programs are on the rise and HR managers are looking for innovative ways to build-up their programs. 

We’ve got a fabulous line-up of virtual (online) programs that are focused on lifestyle activities and health. 

If your company is new to hosting virtual team building activities, then one of our wellness programs might be a great way to start off and introduce everyone to the concept (before you turn-up the volume with a high-powered activity this summer).

The important thing to remember is that your Teambonder’s program manager will help you select the right activities for your team, and customize the program to fit your time schedule, number of participants, technology platforms and budget. We make it simple, memorable, and enjoyable for everyone. And we are there through the entire event, coaching, facilitating and utilizing our decades of experience to make your virtual event a block-buster success. 

Choose from a variety of different programs that are designed to allow people to work on themselves a little.  Combine these with some of our traditional, virtual Team Building options or utilize them as stand alone sessions, these 30-45 minute "mental departures" are great to help recharge the mind and body.

A few of our Featured Programs include:

  • Yoga / Pilates Classes
  • Meditation
  • Learn to Play a Musical Instrument
  • Learn to Paint
  • Learn to Perform Magic
  • Learn to Make Towel Animals
  • Host Talent Competitions
  • Mixology and Smoothie Creation

Have questions? We’d love to hear from you and explain the ins and outs of holding a virtual team event. We’re the leading provider of online virtual team activities and events that are collaborative and fully hosted.

Click here to see all our virtual programs or click here to get more details on wellness / lifestyle activities.

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