Workplace Culture and the Great Resignation: A Complete Guide

Posted by Jake Mandel on May, 05, 2022

Good employees are hard to find, and even more difficult to keep right now. That’s because the Great Resignation is making it more competitive than ever before for companies to find and retain top talent.

Despite hopes that the Great Resignation would begin to subside in 2022, an increasing number of Americans quit their jobs in February and the gap between available positions and the unemployed grew even wider, according to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

A strong team starts with strong team members. So how can your organization ensure it implements a robust hiring process that enables you to identify the best candidate in terms of skill, fit and teamwork ability, and then attract them to want to work with your business over your competitors. 

Here are five tips for hiring new employees to build your team and why you should focus on workplace culture such as collaboration and bonding.

  1. Define the job

Before you do anything in the hiring process, you need to know exactly what job you are hiring for. Take the time to develop a thorough job description. It will help create criteria for the application review and interviewing process, will provide you with a strong job description for marketing the position and it will reduce the risk of hiring someone who is skilled but not what your business/team needs.

  1. Design a recruiting strategy 

Before posting the job or interviewing candidates, you need to know what the interview process will look like. Being disorganized can look bad on you as a company, may cause you to lose a strong candidate or could result in you leaving out a crucial step, such as a skill test or reference review.

Determine who needs to be involved, when they should come in, how many interviews there will be and if any skill tests or portfolio submissions are required. You will also want to come up with timelines so that you don’t lose a good candidate to another employer while you're waiting for someone to review something.

  1. Focus on your workplace culture and team building!

During the Great Resignation, candidates have more opportunities than ever before. In such a competitive job market, businesses need to offer more enticing reasons for a candidate to join their company. Look at the benefits of your offer and your company workplace culture. Exciting and inclusive events such as team building activities can help your business stand out from the crowd and showcase your company as a fun place to work and a great place to learn.

We have events that build collaboration and relationships between employee groups such as: Virtual Hollywood Games, The AppMazing Race™Virtual Switch it Up, and Corporate Olympics - to name only a few. Take a look at our full directory page of team based activities.


Teambonders also offers learning experiences that can be customized to your team. These events are motivational and show employees that you are focused on employee development and giving back to the community. Virtual Keynote Speakers, Bicycle Building, Bonding for Charity - Pack-a-Sack, are popular events. Check out a full list of learning / motivational team activities.


  1. Prescreen your candidates

The interview process is time consuming, so before you invite anybody to an in-person meeting, give them a call and prescreen them. This will give you an opportunity to get to know the candidate and determine whether they really do have the qualifications you are looking for and if they will likely be a good fit for the team.

  1. Ask the right questions

Once you are ready to interview the candidate, you want to prepare your questions. Focus on questions that confirm qualifications, uncover how well they will fit with your team and determine whether the employee is looking to commit long term. Try to order the questions so that they will follow the natural course of the conversation and create a comfortable environment where candidates will open up.

At the end of the day, your team is only as strong as the weakest link. By ensuring every employee is able to pull their weight, meet the job requirements and work as part of a team contributing to your workplace culture, you will help improve the success of your business.

Interested in learning more about improving your workplace culture with a program of team building events? Get in touch with Teambonders today


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