Five Popular Team Building Events That Are Perfect for Fall

Posted by Jake Mandel on Aug, 31, 2018

The changing seasons come with a change in the workplace, and there’s no better time than fall to start investing time and money back into your employees with a team building program.

If you’re looking to strengthen your team this fall, then it’s not too late. There are plenty of team building events you can still organize that will get your employees together for a fun-filled day or evening. 

If you decide to host a corporate event before the year-end, you won’t regret it. Team building programs can offer your company a large number of benefits, including building trust between peers and employers, reducing workplace conflict, encourage communication and collaboration at all levels, and much more.

At Teambonders we love fall. Here’s our five most popular fall and winter events:

1 - Bonding For a Cause: Toys For Tots

There’s no two seasons better known for giving back to the community than fall and winter. That’s why creating and constructing quality toys for children in need could be exactly what your team is looking for this year.

There really is no better way to show your company spirit and give something back to the local community. Teambonders provides everything you need to execute this and when you’re done your creations are donated to a cause of your own choice.

If your organization doesn’t already have a specific cause selected, we can help you to choose one that fits your identity.

Suggested time: 2 hours +
Group sizes: 8-1,000 +
Suggested team size: Teams of 8-10

2 - Classic Game Shows: Jeopardy

Your team’s overall knowledge on a myriad of subjects will be put to the ultimate test in this spin-off of the long-running hit TV show. All teams play simultaneously so everyone is always a part of the action. Remember…always phrase your answer in the form of a question.

Suggested time: 1.5-2 hours +
Group sizes: 8-1,000 +
Suggested team size: Teams of 6-8

3 - Worst Case Scenario: Case Cracker

This high-tech escape game will give 75 minutes to teams to breach a locked attaché case and solve the linear mystery within. Hurdles throughout the task include cyber technology, black lights, tactile riddles and cerebral challenges that will require the collective brainpower and collaboration of the entire group.

Teams that complete the challenge before time is up will be deemed "successful" but the ultimate champion is the team that finishes fastest. Will your team crack the case?

Suggested time: 2-2.5 hours
Group sizes: 4-120 +
Suggested team size: Teams of 4-8

4 - Live Chef Challenges

The Custom Corporate Live Chef Challenge from Teambonders will transport your team to a different world. Teams work together to successfully produce masterpieces in a timed Iron Chef-style culinary competition.

Team will each create an appetizer, main entrée, and dessert, which will then be scrutinized by a panel of expert VIP judges.

Want to see more cooking challenges? Read our recent blog here.

Suggested time: 2-2.5 hours
Group sizes: 8-250
Suggested team size: Teams of 6-8

5 - Minutes to Win It

Our custom team challenges are perfect for groups of all sizes, and can be played virtually anywhere. Unlike the television program (whereby only one or two contestants are challenged at a time), Teambonders’ special customized edition promotes an all-inclusive atmosphere – requiring entire teams to work together to solve a multitude of collaborative challenges.

Teams compete head-to-head in a wide variety of light physical, cerebral and specifically-created team tasks. This fast-paced program is guaranteed to evoke laughs as teams race to win.

Suggested time: 2-2.5 hours
Group sizes: 8-1,000+
Suggested team size: Teams of 8-10

Take advantage of our most popular fall and winter events, or any of our other highly regarded team building programs, by contacting us today. Remember, it’s not too late for 2018!

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