5 Reasons Why a Corporate Event Will Benefit Your Business

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jul, 18, 2018

The way employees are seeking new jobs has changed significantly in the past decade. No longer do job seekers look solely at career development and remuneration, they want a place to work that is enjoyable and rewarding.

There has been a significant shift towards companies that give back to their employees, and one of the top ways to do this is by organizing corporate teambuilding events. Not only is creating an enjoyable workplace important for finding top talent, it’s also critical for retaining employees and building a productive, efficient and collaborative business. 

Corporate events are the perfect way to build trust between peers, reduce workplace conflict, encourage communication and develop collaboration. At the same time you will show your employees that your company is willing to invest in them - creating a happier and more enjoyable atmosphere within the office.

Here are five reasons why a corporate event will not only benefit your employees, but also your company as a whole:

1 - Loyalty

Investing in your team shows that your organization values the skills that your employees bring, and that you’re willing to give back to them for their hard work. Not only does this help to boost team morale, but it also encourages loyalty from your employees.

If you are willing to put the time into developing your staff and celebrate the hard work they do during the week, then they are more likely to invest their time back into the business. Ultimately, if they enjoy where they work then they’ll work harder and deliver better results.

2 - Role identification

Every employee within a company has a role to play, but sometimes they may feel like they’re unable to play their part. It’s possible they feel overpowered by someone with a bigger personality, that their opinion isn’t valued or they just simply lack the confidence to speak out.

Organized team building activities will highlight the strengths of each team member, and will place them into a role and team that allows them to be successful. Feeling valued at a teambuilding event will allow employees to go back into the office feeling the same way, maximizing their productivity and efficiency.

3 - Communication at all levels

Many companies suffer from communication difficulties, which can often lead to strained working relationships, less productive staff and lower quality work. A team building day is the perfect solution, and will create better communication across all levels of your business.

Staff, managers, teams and different departments will learn to work with each other in a more collaborative way, and employees who may not frequently come into contact with each other will be able to connect on a more personal level.

4 - Reduced conflict

The improved communication that comes with a team building event also helps to lower the possibility of conflicts within the office. Conflict is natural in some workplace situations, but organizing a business-wide bonding event will allow groups that don't always see eye-to-eye the chance to get to know each other better.

Working towards a singular goal, whether it be Bonding for a Cause or a classic game show event, will help to develop inter-team relationships and reduce conflict.

5 - Improve staff retention

We spend the majority of our time at work, so a team bonding event will help develop a workplace environment that employees can actively enjoy and which allows them to bond with peers who both appreciate and support them.

Employees will be passionate about coming to work each morning, and your company will be able to retain the best talent within your industry.

A team that works well together is crucial in an increasingly competitive corporate world, and employees who bond at team building events will be able to rally together to complete whatever project is thrown at them.

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