Delight Your Team with a Unique Company Gift - An Amazing Experience

Posted by Jake Mandel on Nov, 24, 2023

It's official! Heading into the Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday weekend, the holiday season is full on; not to mention the stores decked out in an array of lights and festive decorations, holiday songs on the radio, and of course invitations to gatherings with friends and family.

In recent years there's been a big trend to give experiences rather than the latest tech toy, predictable winter clothing, or quickly enjoyed bottle of something. When giving gifts to employees it's no different - the gift of a fun unique experience is something to look forward to and remember long after. 

So, here's an idea. Why not wrap up a company party or special off-site event featuring an amazing Teambonders program? Imagine giving out invitations to:

📮 Switch It Up Live: Whether it's over a preset meal and beverages, or just an hour to stretch your proverbial legs together, Switch It Up Live is a great way for your team to get better acquainted, celebrate team success, or create a springboard of enthusiasm and energy for a meeting or executive gathering! Book Now

📮 Survey Showdown: With survey question based on pop culture, general knowledge, sprinkle in a few custom corporate-centric questions and you've got the main ingredients for an entertaining and exhilarating corporate event. Book Now

📮 Minutes to Win it!: Teams compete head-to-head in a wide variety of light physical, cerebral and specifically created team tasks. This fast-paced, all-inclusive program is guaranteed to evoke laughs and competition as teams race to ‘win it’ (not to mention bragging rights). Book Now




Not sure about how to plan a team event? Don't let that hold you back. We are here to help. Your Teambonders partner will help you go through the steps to get things ready, and on the big day, we'll be there to fully host and facilitate our entertainment package. Check out some of our fan reviews.

To get you started here's 5 planning tips to help you imagine, create, and organize a company event this winter. And don't forget to download a copy of our holiday event planning checklist!

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1. Define the Purpose of Your Event

Before delving into the details, it's crucial to determine why you're hosting a corporate team-building event. Are you celebrating achievements, fostering team bonds, supporting a local cause, or simply getting into the holiday spirit? Clarifying your goals will be instrumental in shaping the type of event you decide to host and ensuring it aligns with your corporate objectives.

2. Establish a Budget

Once you've identified the purpose of your event, it's time to set a budget. Corporate events can escalate in costs rapidly, leaving many organizers scrambling to stay within financial limits. However, with careful planning, you can create an outstanding team-building event on any budget. Take the time to determine your financial constraints and tailor your event accordingly. Consulting with experienced event creators and facilitators, such as Teambonders, can be immensely helpful.

3. Choose a Theme

Themes add an extra layer of fun to events and make them more engaging for participants. Your theme can be inspired by an upcoming holiday, a shared interest among your team, or even a popular TV or game show. If you're unsure about a theme, involve your team in the decision-making process. Seeking their input not only fosters team engagement but also creates a sense of connection to the event.

4. Engage Your Team

Encourage engagement by seeking suggestions and introducing a theme that sparks conversations. Sharing tantalizing details without revealing every aspect can build anticipation and enthusiasm.

5. Lead by Example

Remember that emotions are contagious. Set the tone for a positive and enjoyable event by showcasing a fun and enthusiastic attitude leading up to and on the day of the event. Your outlook will influence the overall atmosphere and the participants' experience.

For more insights and assistance with planning your next team-building experience, contact Teambonders today. We're ready to provide tips, guidance, and ideas that will help you wrap-up an awesome team experience gift for your friends at work.


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