Connect to Your Community by Organizing a Corporate Teambuilding Event for a Cause

Posted by Jake Mandel on May, 31, 2019

Charitable team building offers a number of benefits - it gives your team instant gratification knowing that they have helped someone in need, it increases their ability to work together as a team, it creates a relaxing atmosphere for people to better get to know one another and it helps support your company’s business culture and corporate social responsibility (CSR) program

But it is also a great way to connect your business and your employees to the community, building awareness for your brand, attracting customers, creating a sense of loyalty, and helps make you as valuable to them as they are to you.

These days, many companies try to give back to their communities through donations and sponsorships (often in exchange for their brand name being included in a list of companies who supported the cause). This is an effective way to help those in your community and can help build a positive brand image, but it can lack a personal touch.

From an employee perspective, these kinds of donations have little to do with them, creating a disconnect between the community and your staff - which is further separated by the fact that many people work in a community outside of where they live and have already developed roots.

By taking a more hands on approach, your business can continue to build awareness and give back, while also creating a connection with it’s community.

From an employee perspective, it can help root them to the community and your business, making them look at their job as more than just a job and something to be proud of and work hard at.

Here are four of Teambonders’ Bonding for a Cause events that will help improve your employee’s teamwork while also creating a connection with your organization and the community.

Teddy Bear Building

Create something cute and cuddly to warm your heart and the heart of someone in need. Your team will be challenged to design, make and decorate a huge variety of stuffed animals and clothing; all for children that can desperately use a bit of hope and love in their lives.

Beneficiaries can include hospitals, toy drives, charities and local primary schools.

Toys for Tots

Creating and constructing quality toys for children in need - what could be a better way to show your company spirit and give something back at the same time? We provide everything needed to execute this great team event and when you’re all done, your creations are donated to your very own cause of choice.

Wheelchair Building

Nothing will leave a warmer feeling in your heart, knowing that your organization helped provide those in need with fully functioning wheelchairs. Our facilitators will assist your team in the safe assembly of the chairs, which, upon completion, can be donated to the hospice, senior’s residence or care-giving organization of your choice.

Bicycle Building

Your teams work together to build an actual working bicycle that will get donated to the cause of your choice. Our skilled facilitators are always on hand and as engaged as the teams would like and will be there to aid in the creative and safety processes.

And, for any of these events, if your organization doesn’t already have a specific cause selected, we can help you to choose one in your community that fits your identity!

To find out more about our Bonding for a Cause corporate team building events, contact us today!

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