5 Ways a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program Will Benefit Your Employees

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 15, 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs can be hugely rewarding for businesses, but did you know they also provide significant benefits for your employees and the culture of your company?

CSR initiatives often include charity events, environmental programs, volunteering events and much more. These programs are not only rewarding for your business, but they help improve profits and boost customer perceptions of your company. 

However, there’s one benefit that companies often overlook - and that’s just how much a CSR program can positively affect your employees. In fact, research from Towers Perrin Global Workforce found that CSR is the third most important driver for employee engagement and that an organization’s reputation for CSR is an important driver for staff retention and engagement.

Teambonders has listed five reasons why implementing a corporate social responsibility programme can benefit both your employees and your company culture:

1 - Improved retention

When employees feel that the organization they work for is socially responsible, they feel more rewarded for the work they do and experience a greater sense of identity with the company that they work for.

When employees feel more rewarded and enjoy their work, they are more likely to work with your company over a longer period of time. This improves your company’s retention rates, allows you to keep hold of valuable employees and reduces the costly process of hiring new staff members.

2 - A more attractive company culture

Along with increasing current employees’ commitment to your company, a CSR program will also make your company more attractive to applicants and prospective employees. Thanks to the likes of tech companies such as Google and Facebook, workers are now expecting more from the companies they work for and are far more selective when it comes to company culture.

Having a corporate social responsibility program in which you organize regular events for your employees to participate in will make your company more attractive, and, as a result, will help you attract top talent over your competitors.

3 - Improved employee engagement and performance

As mentioned before, CSR programs are a huge driver when it comes to employee engagement. Employees have been shown to be more engaged with their company and perform their jobs significantly better when they feel good about their company’s CSR program.

By organizing events with your employees that see them collaboratively and creatively work together for the greater good, your staff members will build better bonds and learn to work better together. This all translates to a better office environment, as well as higher quality and more efficient work.

4 - Increased creativity

Being creatively involved in the company’s CSR program will help employees generate new and practical ideas, improve their creative problem-solving skills and encourage them to work alongside colleagues they may not have done before.

Not only that but working together in a collaborative environment will improve the confidence of your employees, and that will translate back into the workplace through new and unique ideas.

5 - Improved employee relationships

Working as a group for a greater cause can do wonders for the morale of your employees, and will improve communication and relationships throughout the office. These improved relationships will, in turn, reduce workplace conflict, ensure each team member feels valued in their specific role, encourage collaborative work and improve workplace efficiency.

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