5 Team Building Trends in 2020 That Your Organization Should Implement

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jan, 24, 2020

If you are the owner, manager or executive of a small to medium-sized business, you’ll know just how important it is to create a working environment that fosters communication, collaboration and teamwork among your employees.

In fact, by improving communication within your team, your organization will create stronger relationships between employees, develop a world-class company culture, become an “employer of choice”, reduce staff turnover, as well as a wide range of other benefits.

It’s clear just how important an effective team is for the success of your business. That’s why a staggering 86 percent of employees and executives cite a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as the main reason for workplace failures, according to research from Salesforce.

So, since we’ve now moved into 2020 and a new decade, what are the top team building trends that your organization should implement over the next year? Teambonders has listed the top five here:

1 - Introduce a games room

This doesn’t have to be an entire room dedicated to games, but if you already have an area for your employees to take their mind off work for a moment and eat lunch then consider adding some games to this room.

Simple games such as foosball or table tennis only take your employees away from their work for a short period of time but can bring your company a wide range of benefits. They’ll help your employees escape from the stresses of work for 10 minutes, improve their relationships with each other and act as an icebreaker for staff members who don’t connect often.

2 - Treat your employees to lunch once a month

Whether you take your entire department out for lunch each month or simply treat them to pay day pizza, hosting regular lunch events with your employees will encourage team members to bond and build upon their relationships outside of work.

By strengthening employee relationships outside of office communication, you’ll improve the way they communicate with each other for work tasks as well.

3 - Volunteer as a team

There’s no better way to improve team morale than by giving your employees the opportunity to give back to the local community. Whether your team pulls together to build a bicycle or works as a group to design teddy bears, volunteering for charity will improve employee relationships while at the same time also give something back to those less fortunate.

4 - Group training sessions

Team training sessions can be for both large groups and smaller groups. By mixing up your team in a variety of group training sessions you will help encourage team members to work better together on work-related assignments.

Through these training sessions, employees will learn how to work better together. The result? Your team will be able to collaborate more effectively and come up with more creative tactics to solve work-related challenges.

5 - Custom-designed team building activities

Hosting a custom-designed corporate team building day is a fantastic way to give something back to your employees, while at the same time encouraging better relationships, improving communication and enhancing collaboration among your team.

Corporate team building events designed specifically for the needs of your organization will improve employee productivity, encourage loyalty to your organization, enhance communication among your team, boost staff confidence and many other benefits.

Do you want to learn more about corporate team building events and how they can benefit your company? Contact Teambonders today. Our team of skilled corporate event creators would love to answer any questions that you have.

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