The Top 5 Team Building Exercises That All Organizations Should Implement

Posted by Jake Mandel on Sep, 30, 2019

Today’s workers care about company culture more than anything else when choosing a job, and with skills shortages affecting a number of industries, workers have more opportunities to handpick their job than ever before.

Not only that, but existing employees are more likely to stay working with your company if the company culture lives up to their expectations.

Your company can significantly improve its company culture by simply implementing some team building exercises. In fact, team building exercises can help your organization realize a whole range of benefits, such as: Improved communication efforts Increased collaboration Reduced workplace conflict A better flow of ideas and innovation Strengthened interoffice relationships Employees united behind your company’s common goal And much more!

So, how exactly can you ensure that your organization fosters a team building environment that cultivates team morale and develops interpersonal skills, all while boosting employee satisfaction and retention?

Teambonders has created a list of five key team building events or practices that, if your business implements into its company culture, will significantly enhance how staff members work with each other.

1 - Pizza pay day

It may seem relatively simple, but providing your employees with a paid lunch on a regular basis will go a long way to encourage team members in your organization to bond, and will also set your brand out over other hiring firms in your industry.

Whether it’s lunch provided by the company each Friday, pizza pay days or a trip to a restaurant every couple of months, this simple action will foster a good environment within your office and help your team connect with each other outside of office chat.

By strengthening the bonds of workers outside of the office, you’ll also strengthen their professional working relationships inside the office.

2 - An employee recognition and reward scheme

Many companies offer their workers no extra benefits or rewards for all their hard work, but this will gradually leave workers feeling unmotivated, emotionally tired and unwilling to suggest new ideas and connect with their colleagues.

Motivated employees, on the other hand, are significantly more productive and willing to build relationships with their peers. By implementing a recognition and rewards scheme, you will ensure that your employees are driven to help your company grow - no matter how long they have been working for you.

3 - Lunchtime pilates

Exercise is incredibly important. In fact, many studies suggest that exercise and a healthy lifestyle has a direct correlation with being more engaged and focused at work. That’s why implementing group fitness workouts during your team’s lunch is a great idea.

By encouraging teams to exercise together during their lunch break, you’ll help employees to realize a wide range of benefits. Not only will it give teams some much needed time to bond with each other, but they’ll also be able to enjoy the feeling of success together when they achieve personal fitness goals.

4 - Bring your kids to work day

Any working parent will want to spend more time with their children, and this will even have an effect on whether they stay at your company, look for a job closer to home or ask for different hours.

But what if they could bring their children to work? By implementing a ‘bring your kids to work day’, workers will be able to connect with each other on a more personal level and parents working for your organization will be over the moon that they can spend time with their children while at work.

5 - Host a corporate team building event

A corporate team building event is the process of bringing employees together through enjoyable and thought-provoking activities. These events help foster a sense of togetherness and teamwork, which ultimately improves employee productivity, communication and other key business functions.

A corporate team building event will help build loyalty, improve communication, nurture friendly competition, develop confidence, as well as a huge number of other benefits.

If your business is looking for a professional event planning partner which can create and execute fun, custom team building activities and programs across Canada and the US, then Teambonders is the company for you.

We are a team of highly-skilled corporate event creators and facilitators, committed to raising the spirit of camaraderie, cooperation and communication in the workplace through interactive and social events.

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