How to Improve Company Culture and Build a Strong Team

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jul, 22, 2019

What would you say if we told you that flexible hours, tasty treats, a good benefits package, performance bonuses and all those other fabulous perks aren’t creating the company culture your business is looking for?

Don’t get us wrong, employee benefits play a big role in creating a fun environment, improving employee morale, and decreasing turnover, but these perks don’t necessarily mean you have a strong workplace culture.

Workplace culture guides the way your employees present themselves, how they behave towards coworkers and clients, the choices they make, the way they communicate and their ability to work together.

To create a strong workplace culture, employee perks need to be a small part of a greater strategy for bringing your employees together and helping them be the best they can be.

Productivity, motivation, integrity, creativity, problem solving skills, and communication - these are all important skills for your team to develop and nurture. Perks just aren’t doing that.

So how do you nurture a strong corporate culture while helping bring your team together as one cohesive unit?

Taking the time to plan and implement a team building program can play a big role in achieving this. Team bonding offers a number of benefits to your business, your management team and your employees. It can:

  1. Improve communications across all levels of your company by bringing your entire team together on a level playing ground where they have to learn to listen and share information.
  2. Create a stronger bond between individuals and departments by helping co-workers to better understand one another and discover new and exciting things about each other.
  3. Develop conflict resolution skills so that differences can become strengths that nurture creativity and brainstorming as opposed to creating rifts.
  4. Identify strengths and weaknesses allowing your team to work together efficiently and effectively and help each other excel.
  5. Emphasize informal learning that is inherent in any workplace by teaching your team how to learn on the job by interacting with colleagues.
  6. Teach your team how to share their successes to boost motivation and their challenges so that they can come up with solutions that may never have otherwise been considered.
  7. Eliminate the hierarchy that stops your employees from putting forth good ideas from fear of overstepping the boundaries of their position.
  8. Improve collaboration and reinforce the idea that you are a team working towards the same objective.
  9. Develop respect so that your team learns to trust in one another’s abilities, ideas and opinions.

Are you ready to start developing a strong workplace culture and improve teamwork within your organization? Then contact Teambonders today and find out how we can design the perfect team bonding event for you.

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