5 Outdoor Team Building Ideas to Enhance Collaboration This Summer

Posted by Jake Mandel on Aug, 05, 2022

When the warm weather arrives, it’s a perfect time to bring your team outside for a team building experience. Not only does it let you take advantage of the beautiful weather, it will also give your team a fresh perspective.

If you’re looking for fun outdoor team building activities to enhance collaboration this summer, consider these popular game ideas.

#1 - Scavenger Hunts 

What better place is there for a scavenger hunt than the great outdoors? Team-based scavenger hunts are a great way for groups to work on their communication and collaboration. They can also help team members learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  

To organize a scavenger hunt, you will need to hide or locate objects that your team needs to search for. You will then divide your participants into teams and provide each team with a list of items to find. For an upgraded experience, you may want to consider an app-based scavenger hunt. 

Our App-based scavenger hunt, AppMazing Hunts, facilitates team scavenger hunts while providing real-time updates and team scores. It also features interactive team chats, the ability to record audio and video clips, mystery QR codes and more. 

Best of all, AppMazing Hunts can be tailored for any setting anywhere in the world … including the great outdoors. 


#2 - Murder Mysteries 

Murder mysteries are a fun group activity that helps develop and nurture communication and problem-solving skills. By working together, your team will try and figure out who committed a mock crime. 

If you’re a fan of combining high tech with sunshine, you should check out CSI: The AppVestigation. This team building activity maneuvers your group through an incredible mock crime created by us to suit your team’s corporate identity and/or your specific meeting or convention theme. CSI teams peruse the game zone looking for evidence and clues which, once compiled, provide the necessary pieces to take a stab at cracking the case.


#3 - Boat Building 

If you were ever a part of Girl Guides or Scouts, you may remember boat building challenges. The goal was to use specified materials like wood or cardboard to build a water-worthy vessel. While this activity would likely have been an individual competition at the time, it can easily be turned into a team challenge. 

With our Creative Construction: Boat Building activity, your employees will be divided into teams. Each team will then work together to try and build a life-size boat that they’ll then have to race in the ultimate Teambonders Regatta. 

This challenge will enhance collaboration skills, while teaching team members how to combine their individual skill sets to work towards a single goal.


A team vs team activity with well thought out challenges is something that anybody can enjoy.  It can also help:

  • Improve communication and collaboration 
  • Help team members get to know one another 
  • Increase trust and understanding between team members 
  • Encourage strategic thinking 

If you want help organizing a Survivor based team building event, consider our Revivor Survivor activity. Complete with Tribal Council, this program is high energy, creative and downright exciting. With challenges ranging from cerebral and strategic to active and quick, this complete Survivor-style program is a hit in locations, especially outdoors on a nice day. 

This program is jammed with twists and turns to maximize your group’s excitement and is custom designed to be light and easy or difficult & physical to suit your group’s specific needs.


#5 - Olympics 

Another great multi challenge team building activity is an Olympics inspired event. And with values like respect, fairness, fun, friendship, inclusion and integrity, the Olympics are a great theme for any corporate event. 

If you would like to host your own company wide Olympics, consider our Corporate Olympics activity

You don’t have to be Phelps or Bolt to have a great day out in the sunshine! We start the event with our famous custom Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and we follow that with a blend of some "out of the ordinary" tasks, strategy games, mind bending problem solving, and very light physical challenges. 

With dozens of unbelievable Olympic combinations, teams compete against each other (and the clock), vying for a spot on the podium and to go down in office history!


The summer is a great time to hold a unique event that will be entertaining, engaging and get people enjoying each other’s company. And these are just some of the ideas you can choose from. If you would like help organizing an outdoor team building activity that emphasizes the values and skills that are important to your business, contact us today. Don’t wait until the great weather has come and gone – start planning your next skill building corporate event today.

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