Why You Need to Book Your Corporate Holiday Party NOW!

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 22, 2021

I know… you don’t want us to say it, do you? The winter holidays are right around the corner. We’re already halfway through October, and that means your business is likely preparing its end-of-year activities. 

That means it’s time to start planning your awesome holiday party! If you haven’t started planning your corporate holiday party already, then you need to get started right now!

Why you need to start planning your corporate holiday party right now

Many employees around the world are continuing to work remotely. Some are following the hybrid work model where they split their time between at-home and in-office work, others are taking the work-from-anywhere approach and a few are making their way back into a regular office schedule.

No matter what type of workforce model your organization is operating, corporate activities and gatherings are more important now than they’ve ever been before - especially as we move into the festive holiday period. 

And that’s why holiday party events are booking up fast! In fact, here at Teambonders, we sold out early for the most popular time slots on all of our virtual entertainment events, and we expect the exact same to happen well in advance of the season this year!

Don’t get left out in the cold without a fantastic holiday party. Start organizing your holiday entertainment activity event now so that you can offer your staff a fun-tastic event that will put everyone in the festive spirit.

What exciting holiday entertainment events will build a buzz among your employees?

Here at Teambonders we don’t want your organization to get left out so let’s get planning together.

As your event co-pilots, we have a range of holiday themed activities (both in-person and virtual) that will get your employees excited and provide amazing entertainment value.

Here are a few of our favourite holiday party events:

👉 Survey Showdown

Loaded with fun and engaging survey questions, this has all the ingredients for an entertaining and exhilarating corporate that that your team will absolutely love this festive period.

With surveys that are drawn from pop culture, general knowledge and your own custom-corporate questions, this fast-paced, all-inclusive holiday entertainment event will energize your team with a uniquely-collaborative experience. 


👉 AppMazing Hunts

In this action-packed, custom team activity - which can be performed either in person or digitally - your employees will take part in an exciting activity that takes the fun of a scavenger hunt to an entire new level. 

Once your team members hear the word “GO”, they’ll have two to two and a half hours to figure out as many of the custom challenges as possible and find the identified items to win the game!

👉 Escape games

Taking part in our range of in-person or fully-online escape games that will provide your team with a thrilling, highly cerebral, and technology-focused entertaining experience this festive holiday season. 

Our Hotel Espionage Escape Room is the perfect blend between your corporate identity and a realistic espionage crisis, while our Virtual Mobile Escape Game requires teams to work together to solve a multitude of puzzles, each of which lead the team towards the next stage of the mystery. 


Are you interested in hosting an entertaining activity that will delight your entire crew? Get a quote from Teambonders today. We would love to help set you up with the perfect corporate party!