Where Should I Host my Team Building Event?

Posted by Jake Mandel on Sep, 28, 2018

The venue for your team building program is incredibly important to the success of the event. Choose a venue that is too small and your employees will not be able to enjoy and learn from the event, and while too much space can’t hurt the comfort and success of the event, it can wreak havoc on your budget. 

Choosing a venue can be a complicated task as there are many factors to consider, including:

  • How many attendees are there?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • What is your budget?
  • What will you be doing on the big day?
  • Do your guests have accessibility needs?

The venue you choose will be specific to your situation and how you answer the above questions, but there are also a number of options once you have determined your needs.

At the Office

If you have additional space on your property that can be used to host your event, this can be an easy, accessible and inexpensive choice.

Due to the fact all of the guests already work there, chances are the facility will have the necessary accessibility features required by employees and you can feel confident knowing that all of your employees can get there easily.

However, it is important to consider how hosting the event on your property will affect your employee's experience. Sometimes removing your employees from their regular work atmosphere helps them to open up and feel more comfortable participating in activities and discussions.

Conference Centre or Hotel

Hosting the event at a local conference centre or hotel can be a great option, as there are many locations available. However, it can also be an expensive option.

When deciding whether to use a conference centre or hotel for your event, you will want to consider whether they have the equipment you need to properly host the event, as well as whether all of your employees can get to and access the building.

Some conference centres and hotels also limit the activities that can be performed on site. Be sure you have run the details of the event past them to ensure they are allowed.


The great outdoors can be a fun place to host an event. Depending on where you are wanting to host the event, there may or may not be a cost associated with it. Be sure to reach out to the property holders to find out if you need to schedule your event through them or whether you can simply set up and go.

When choosing to host the event outside, you also want to consider the weather. If you are unsure whether or not it will hold up on the day of your event you should have an alternative indoor location or a rain date. Nothing puts a damper on a team building activity like an unexpected storm.

Go Unique

If you want to make a big impression, choose a unique location such as a local tourist attraction. Many properties have facilities for events and in some cases will even rent out the entire property to your team, so long as the event is held outside of their regular hours or season.

For example, some businesses have rented out a theme park for the day, before the park opens for the regular season. This allows employees to enjoy a day on rides with peers before or after partaking in the team building activity, giving employees an opportunity to bond and relax.

For help choosing a venue for your event, contact us today! We will help you find the best location to ensure your team building event is a success.

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