Looking for Virtual Team Bonding Ideas? Try a Online Feud Game Show

Posted by Jake Mandel on Apr, 27, 2020

Working from home can make you miss those casual, friendly social interactions with your work colleagues. The temporary adaptation forced upon us by the virus, has given us a completely different perspective about working as a team while working from home.

Perhaps you’re noticing that your team or fellow employees are not as motivated or are feeling the struggle of self-isolation? With video conferencing being the only work interactions that some people experience on a daily basis, it is important to check in with each other to see how they’re doing, physically and mentally.

But there is a way for your organization to boost remote employee engagement and to encourage your team to come together in a positive, fun and upbeat way - welcome to virtual team events!

Teambonders has created a series of virtual events that will cater to your team needs and add some well-deserved positivity into your day.

One of our new favourite team building games is Virtual Feud!

This team activity comes with authentic classic visuals, sounds effects and music, all being delivered to you virtually by the Teambonders team!

During Virtual Feud, individuals or teams will compete virtually, head-to-head, trying to guess the most popular answers to various fun survey questions. Everyone participates at the same time, but in Teambonders fashion, prepare to expect a twist! And then everything gets even more exciting!

Our goal with the Virtual Feud, and any of our other virtual classic game shows, is to maximize participation and boost morale with the organization or team participating. We want everyone to work together, engage with each other and have some fun!

If you’re interested in adding some fun to your virtual meetings, then look no further and reach out to us! We are happy to chat with you - whether you are interested in a virtual event, looking for some tips on how to create more excitement during your virtual meetings.

Check Out The Virtual Feud!

We are all in this together, and by finding alternative ways to keep up team spirit like virtual games, we hope your team comes out of this situation stronger and better connected.

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