Top Virtual Team Building Events to Get Your Year off to a Great Start

Posted by Jake Mandel on Dec, 22, 2020


Hosting fun team building activities for your team is critically important to the success of your business, particularly in this new world of work where your employees are working from home

To improve engagement and collaboration among your remote team, it’s essential that your business hosts virtual team building exercises.

Virtual team building events for your remote team is an effective way to strengthen relationships between your employees, improve collaboration within your team, drive creative problem solving, motivate your employees and show them that your organization is willing to invest back into their wellbeing and happiness. 

Make Any Event Exciting with Virtual Team Building!

Most importantly, with a new year now just around the corner, virtual team building events will kick your 2021 off to a fantastic start by creating employees who are motivated and passionate about delivering high-quality work.

With that in mind, here are some of the top virtual team building events from Teambonders that will prepare your business for a successful year.

Virtual Holiday Package

Want to celebrate the new year in style with your team? Why not try out one of our pre-wrapped, interactive, engaging and timely holiday options that have been specifically built to bring your team closer together. 

Featuring a range of different virtual events (such as The Virtual Feud, Hollywood Games and many others) and the highest television-quality stream for your team members, this offer includes three packaged options:

Package #1 - The Double Header: This package will see your team members gather in the main event stage for a welcome address, awards and a big thanks from your team leaders. This will be followed by Teambonders producing two high-energy and engaging team building programs.

Package #2 - Options for All: Host a pre-event meeting and greet on our Virtual Main Event Stage, where you can show appreciation and provide awards for your team’s hard work in what was a difficult year for many. Follow this up with two highly engaging 45-minute game show events that both run at the same time. Once completed, attendees will be switched to the next 45 minute activity seamlessly. 

Package #3 - The Ultimate Mixer: Build your own team building package with help from the Teambonders team of highly-experienced program experts. Create a memorable experience for your team that celebrates their hard work throughout 2020 and gets them ready for a successful 2021. 

Suggested time: 1 hour+
Group size: 2 - 980 

AppMazing Virtual Hunt: Corporate Edition 

Want to host a technology-inspired event that is sure to motivate your employees as we move into the new year? Our AppMazing Virtual Hunt is probably the option for you. This action-packed, interactive scavenger hunt will see teams try and complete as many of the costum-corporate challenges as possible within the time limit. 

Challenges include an exciting mix of snapping photos, taking videos and answering general knowledge and corporate-specific trivia questions. Teams will have to make the decision of what to go for vs what to leave behind based on the unique skills of their team members.

Suggested time: 1 - 1.5 hours
Group size: 2 - 10,000+

Virtual Feud 

Based on the hit TV show Family Feud, Teambonders’ Virtual Feud will test your employees with knowledge on pop culture, general knowledge and custom corporate-centric questions. By engaging with hundreds of participants all at the same time to ensure nobody in your team is left out, Virtual Feud fosters good communication, collaboration and camaraderie within your team - setting you up for a successful 2021. 

Suggested time: 1 hour+
Group size: 2 - 980

Virtual Hollywood Games

Roll out the red carpet for your employees to celebrate a successful 2020 and prepare them for 2021 in style. Our Virtual Hollywood Games is a program of fun events for online corporate groups of all sizes. We’ve fused together some of our most popular, fast-paced  and high-energy game show challenges into one fantastic package. 

Suggested time: 1 hour
Group size: 2 - 250+

Want to learn more about the Teambonder virtual events that will prepare your business for a successful 2021? Contact us today. Our team of team building experts would love to answer and questions that you may have.

Make Any Event Exciting with Virtual Team Building!

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