The Benefits Of Doing Team Building Activities Off Site

Posted by Jake Mandel on May, 31, 2022


When planning your company’s team building activities, your first choice for venue is most likely your own property. Afterall, it’s free to use and everyone is already there.

But trying to do a team building activity in the office isn’t always the best choice. Here’s five reasons you should head off-site for your next team building adventure.

  1.  There are less distractions

When you’re at work, it can be hard to focus your mind and energy away from work. Even when taking a coffee or lunch break, you’re probably thinking about what you need to do when you get back to your desk. This can make it hard for staff to focus on the teambuilding activity, so they won’t be as likely to give it their all.


  1. It encourages out of the box thinking

Being away from what’s familiar can help your team look at things in a different way. This can help inspire creative, out of the box thinking. There are also a lot of distractions at work. If you are looking for a fun team building activity that inspires out of the box thinking, you should try our Case Cracker Mobile Escape Game or an AppMazing Hunt.


  1. It provides a relaxed atmosphere

Staying at the office to do team building activities is not only distracting, it can also restrict people’s ability to let loose and have fun. While all team building events should be professional, you want staff to relax and really enjoy themselves. This will make it easier for them to get to know one another, build relationships and work together.

  1. It increases positivity towards the event

Less face it, sometimes it can be hard to get staff excited about work events. The thing is it doesn’t have to be. By taking staff away from work, they get a greater sense of reward and satisfaction. They feel like they are being treated to an exclusive opportunity to take a break from work, even though they are technically gaining valuable skills that relate back to the workplace.

This can create a sense of celebration and a positive energy that is contagious and makes your team more excited to be a part of the activity.


  1. Talent retention and appeal

Doing an off-site event will teach your staff important new skills that will increase productivity, communication and overall success. But it also has a huge effect on your corporate culture, which can help with hiring. All of which is shared via word of mouth your employees and employees who work for the vendors and venues you partner with for the activity.

Not only does it increase retention and reduce employee turnover, it can also be a major draw for new employees, meaning you’ll have access to a greater talent pool when you need to hire.

If you would like to organize an off-site team building activity to see the benefits for yourself, contact our team today. We would love to help you organize your next team event!


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