Team Building: The Best Online Trivia Games for Your Remote Team

Posted by Teambonders on Jul, 13, 2021


Trivia isn’t just fun for your remote team, it’s also great for their minds. In fact, virtual trivia team building events give your business the opportunity to realize a huge number of advantages.

That’s because there’s nothing trivial about trivia, it’s actually highly beneficial for our mental health (Healthline). By organizing a virtual team building initiative that takes the form of a trivia game, your organization can realize a huge number of benefits that directly impacts both your internal efficiencies and profitability.

Here’s just a few ways your business can benefit from hosting a virtual trivia team building event for its remote team:

  • Improve employee loyalty by showing them that you’re willing to invest back into their wellbeing.
  • Encourage collaboration and communication among your remote team members.
  • Ensure your employees are well motivated to succeed. 
  • Encourage inclusion of your entire remote team.
  • Combat loneliness within your remote team.
  • Encourage creative decision making and out-the-box thinking. 
  • Strengthen relationships within your remote team.

With that in mind, Teambonders has listed a few of our most popular online trivia games that can be organized specifically for remote teams:

Virtual Quiz Quest

We’re bringing back those incredible trivia nights at the local watering hole, with this entirely virtual trivia night. This custom and interactive trivia game will test your team’s knowledge with questions ranging from pop culture, sports, corporate questions, geography and so much more.

Suggested time: 1 hour
Group size: 1-980+

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Virtual Feud

Take part in this Online corporate team building fun with authentic classic visuals, sound effects and music. With survey questions borrowed from the hit TV show based on pop culture, general knowledge and some custom corporate-centric questions, virtual feud will get your remote team’s brains working and their hearts pounding. 

Your team will go head-to-head (virtually) to guess the most popular answers to a range of survey questions. All team members will participate in a highly collaborative and inclusive process. 

Suggested time: 1 hour
Group size: 2-980

Virtual Jeopardy

Based on the long-running hit TV show, your teams will be asked questions on a range of subjects from pop culture, general knowledge and questions on your very own organization. With all teams playing simultaneously, who will come out the winner?

This exciting, competitive and highly-collaborative virtual team building event is complete with authentic visuals, sound effects and much more!

Suggested time: 1 hour
Group size: 2-250+

Virtual Bingo

Get your team excited with this virtual bingo game with a twist. Not only will participants have to fill their bingo cards, they’ll also have to answer surprise trivia questions to come out the winner. Ready to shout BINGO? There’s only one winner in this game, your entire team!

Suggested time: 1 hour
Group size: 2-980+

Virtual Hollywood Games

Not sure which team building event to choose? Don’t worry, Teambonders has your back with our Virtual Hollywood Games event. Roll out the red carpet for your remote team with this event that includes a mixture of all of our game show challenges, keeping your team on their toes. 

Suggested time: 1 hour
Group size: 2-250+

Want to learn more about these virtual trivia team building events? Get in touch with Teambonders today. Our team of team building event specialists would love to help your organization choose the perfect event.

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