Team Building: 5 Qualities of a Successful Team

Posted by Jake Mandel on Mar, 23, 2022

A strong team is the foundation of any successful business. If employees don’t work well together it can cause a number of problems, from missed deadlines, poor collaboration and disorganization, to conflicts in the workplace.

But what exactly does a strong and successful team look like? Here are five key qualities:

#1 - They communicate with each other (and they do it well)

If you have a strong team, your team members will communicate well with one another. They will share thoughts, opinions and ideas with others, but also listen and be considerate of what others have to say. This will help everyone work efficiently, improve creativity and collaboration and help everyone stay on track.


#2 - They are goal focused

A successful team will be focused on their goals and the overall result of the team’s work. Before starting a project, they will agree on these goals and outcomes and create a plan to achieve them. This will provide a clear direction, create accountability and help the team track their progress.

#3 - Everyone contributes

A strong team will include team members who contribute their fair share. To do this, everyone needs to understand their responsibilities and ensure they meet their personal objectives. If they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities, they should communicate this with the team and ask for assistance (which leads us to our next point).


#4 - Team members support one another

A successful team is made up of individuals who are happy to help when they can. This may include taking on extra tasks to help another team member succeed, sharing responsibilities, ensuring everyone has the resources they need, or simply offering support and feedback when required

#5 - There is strong leadership

All successful teams have a strong leader that members trust and respect. This person holds the group together and sets a pace for how the team will interact. They will regularly evaluate how team members work together, offer motivation and keep everyone up to date.  

So, how can you help build these five skills in your team?

By hosting regular team building events, of course!

One of the best ways to engage your team in the workplace is through corporate team building activities. Team building events, whether in-person or virtual, are a fantastic way to strengthen office relationships, improve employee collaboration and build an inclusive work environment.

Corporate team building activities will empower your business to improve teamwork, and that will lead to improved employee engagement, an enhanced company culture, more productive employees and better staff retention levels. 

Are you interested in learning more about how you can help your team build these five key qualities through a corporate team building experience? Teambonders has designed a range of team building programs to engage employees and develop the critical skills your team needs to succeed. For more information, contact us today.


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