Recreating The Office TV Show Olympiad

Posted by Jake Mandel on Feb, 08, 2024


Here's how to host a version of The Office TV Show's Olympiad

Remember the iconic episode from Season 2, Episode 3 of "The Office," where the crew hosts their own Office Olympics? That episode wasn't just a comedy goldmine; it was a treasure trove of brilliant team-building ideas! Let's dive into how you can replicate that spirit in your workplace with an Office Olympics of your own. 🎉 Or, if you want your Olympics to have a much higher production value, events tailored for team building, and hosted by seasoned experts, partner with us for an epic Corporate Olympics event!

Step 1: Setting the Stage 

First things first: communication and enthusiasm are key. Get everyone on board by explaining the concept, and maybe even have a quick viewing of the episode to set the mood! Ensure you have a clear schedule so that these fun activities don't interfere with essential work tasks.

Step 2: Choose Your Events 

Now, let’s talk events! In "The Office," they had Flonkerton (Box of Paper Snowshoe Racing), Dunderball, and of course "How Many M&Ms Can You Fit in Your Mouth." Here’s how you can recreate these:

Flonkerton: Paper Box Shoe Race

  • What You Need: Empty paper boxes. (Don't use full boxes, it's not safe!)
  • How to Play: Participants place each foot in a box and race to a finish line. It's goofy, challenging, and a great way to start your Olympics with a laugh.



  • What You Need: A small ball and some waste paper baskets.
  • How to Play: Set up a mini-golf-like course using the baskets as holes. Employees get points for each successful throw, with different baskets worth varying points based on difficulty.


Coffee Mug Race Relay

  • What You Need: A coffee mug for each team full of water and a space where you can safely speed walk and perhaps spill a bit of water!
  • How to Play: split everyone up into teams and lay out a designated relay course. When you say go, the relay starts. One at a time, each person from the team has to complete the course speed walking and trying to spill as little water as possible. The team that finishes first wins, but here the catch, the team with the least water in their cup is disqualified!


Guess the Elevator Challenge

  • What You Need: An office elevator and a bit of creativity.
  • How to Play: This one's more about fun than competition. Create a mini-task or riddle that participants must solve inside the elevator between floors. Have teams take turns guessing how many people will be in the elevator or which company the people will be from.

How Many M&Ms Can You Fit in Your Mouth?

  • This isn't safe, don't try it! But it's a good gag (pun intended) to act like this will be the next event, explain it with a big bag of M&Ms, and then say "JUST KIDDING! But please do enjoy some M&Ms."


Step 3: Engage Everyone 

It's vital to make sure everyone feels included. You can do this by assigning different roles: participants, event organizers, cheerleaders, or even judges. This ensures even the less athletically inclined can join in the fun.

Step 4: Opening Ceremony 

Kick things off with an opening ceremony. Perhaps someone can carry a makeshift torch (a flashlight or a decorated stick), and you can have a fun, inspiring speech to set the tone.

Step 5: Keep Score... or Don’t! 

While keeping score can be fun, remember the primary goal is team bonding, not fierce competition. Consider giving out humorous awards or prizes for effort, creativity, or sportsmanship.

Step 6: Closing Ceremony 

Wrap up your Office Olympics with a closing ceremony. This could be as simple as a group photo or a small celebration with snacks and refreshments. Acknowledge everyone's participation and maybe share a few laughs over the day's events.

Building Bonds Through Fun 

By hosting an Office Olympics, you're not just giving your team a day of laughs and light-hearted competition; you're building a more cohesive, communicative, and collaborative team. These events break down barriers, encourage teamwork, and bring a fresh energy to the workplace.

For more unique team-building ideas, check out our Working Together Team Activities. And if you're interested in a more structured team-building Corporate Olympics, Teambonders is here to help make your next event a huge success. Get in touch and let's start planning! 

Note - Teambonders Corporate Olympics does not use the same events as The Office Olympiad. Ours have a higher production level and are tailored to be more accessible and better for team building!

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