Ramp up Your Remote Team Building With a Fully Virtual Escape Room

Posted by Jake Mandel on Feb, 24, 2021

Team building events have long been used by organizations to encourage collaboration between their employees, build better working relationships and invest money back into the company culture. 

Yet, as a large number of businesses have now shifted their employees to remote work, team building activities have too often fallen by the wayside. 

Just because your organization can no longer physically meet in person, doesn’t mean that your business can no longer host team building events. In fact, virtual team building events provide your business with an opportunity to drive employee engagement even higher.

With a virtual team building program no longer will you have to ask employees to travel to places they don’t want to be, participate in activities they don’t want to and have an awkward conversation with the staff member in a different department that they’ll never have to work with.

Virtual team building programs are organized and hosted entirely online, giving organizations the opportunity to target the specific teams and staff members who could benefit from improved collaboration. 

Even better, virtual team building activities can be incredibly fun for employees too. Teambonders, for example, has specifically designed a fully-online escape room that will drive your company’s virtual team building program into the future. 

What is Teambonders’ Virtual Escape Game?

The Virtual Escape Game Team Building Activity is a high-tech, high energy escape game designed to encourage collaboration and promote fun among corporate groups, helping remote employees to build stronger relationships.

In this immersive story, teams work for a cuddling edge gaming company called “Mind Games”, but the company is under threat from a team of criminals who are withholding vital information and people. Teams have a limited amount of time to solve a series of puzzles that will access the information and secure the release of people.

Remote employees have 60 minutes to work together in their virtually assembled teams to solve a wide array of puzzles, which all lead the teams to the next stage of the mystery where they either solve the case or run out of time!

Challenges along the way could include riddles, cerebral challenges and cyber technology, all of which require collective brain power and collaboration to successfully complete. 

Suggested time: Up to 90 minutes
Group size: 4-300
Suggested team size: 4-6

What are the benefits of virtual team building?

Team building events have traditionally been physical, in-person events - but with a large number of employees around the world now working remotely this isn't feasible for the majority of organizations.

Thankfully, virtual team building events provide businesses with all of the benefits of a physical team building event with only one difference - they are hosted entirely online. 

Here are just some of the key benefits a virtual team building event will bring your company’s remote teams:

  • Encourage collaboration between remote employees
  • Give remote employees a motivation boost
  • Ensure your remote employees feel included
  • Show your remote employee that your business is willing to invest back into them
  • Promote better communication among teams
  • Improve remote employee productivity
  • And many more!

Is your company looking for a way to better bring its remote employees together? Find out how the Teambonders’ Virtual Escape Game, or our other virtual team building activities, can help and contact us today for more information.

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