Virtual Team Building Activities: Build a Virtual Radio Show

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jun, 17, 2020

Tell the truth, how many times have you heard that perfect radio or announcer voice and thought it would be cool to be behind the mic? Some of you may have even practiced your radio voice. 

Well, let’s have a go. “In a world where you thought hosting a radio program was beyond belief, incomprehensible, Teambonders has created a virtual program that puts you in the studio…but wait, there’s more...” You can do it virtually with teams working remotely, no matter where they are.

The Spirit of Radio 

The Spirit of Radio is a collaborative team building program that can be hosted virtually and in real time with 2 or more participants. It is a great team building activity to improve remote employee engagement, and helps nurture: 

  • Communication 
  • Collaboration 
  • Camaraderie 

Your team will work together to write, create and produce a real, authentic radio program

And they can choose whatever they like. From old time radio plays to modern talk shows - the themes and content possibilities are endless! Teams work together virtually to produce scripts, develop a recording schedule, find and create sound effects, and record voice overs - anything they think will bring their words to life (with the help of our team of course)!

Once all the projects are complete, we will host a "virtual fireside" listening session and announce our champions.  

4 Benefits of Radio Themed Team Building

Team building is about re-energizing people and pulling them out of their day to day responsibilities to have fun and build on important skills that will help them be more productive. 

There are dozens of ways that team building activities can help to build a better team but are some of the reasons The Spirit of Radio is so great. 

Nurtures communicationThe Spirit of Radio is perfect for creating better communication between staff members, managers and departments. It can be a great ice breaker that encourages discussion and helps employees to get to know their peers while doing something fun and engaging. 

Collaboration – The Spirit of Radio encourages employees to collaborate to create the best radio broadcast. In the process, team members will learn more about each other's strengths and personality traits in a more casual and relaxed environment.

Reduce conflict - Workplace conflicts are a possibility, but organizing a team building event will allow groups and employees that don’t always see eye to eye the opportunity to work together and learn more about each other. 

For more information on The Spirit of Radio or any of our other virtual team building events, contact us today!

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