How to Plan a Team Building Event: 5-Step Guide

Posted by Jake Mandel on Oct, 07, 2022

More and more businesses are starting to recognize the importance of team building events. They not only help team members build stronger relationships, but they also help improve communication, collaboration and productivity. 

But for team building events to be effective, they need to be well planned and organized. So, here are five steps to help you plan a successful team building event. 

Step 1: Set Goals

Organizing anything without a clear goal in mind can be a recipe for disaster. Your purpose is what ties all the individual elements together and will help you with important event decisions.  

That’s why you should decide why you’re hosting the event before you do anything else. 

The goal you decide on will depend on your organization and what it is trying to achieve. This may be improved conflict resolution, better communication, implementing a new process, merging teams or something else entirely.  

Whatever the reason, knowing why you are there will ensure your event is a success and is helping you to achieve your overall business goals. 

Step 2: Organize a Team 

When planning a team building event, you want to have a group of committed people to help you put the event together – this will make it less intimidating and improve brainstorming. Working together as a group is also a good way to get your team building off to a good start.  

When delegating tasks, be sure to consider your teammates' interests and strengths. Everyone will enjoy the planning process more if they’re in charge of tasks they will enjoy. 

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Step 3: Choose an Activity

For any event to be a success you need to choose an activity that will help push your purpose home while also being fun and engaging. There are lots of great options to choose from, but a key feature is to find something that gets your team members to interact. 

While watching a movie or seeing a show can be a fun outing, it doesn’t leave much room for working on communication and bonding. If you do want to have some form of entertainment, like a comedian or musician, or have a corporate presentation to discuss your corporate culture, combine it with something interactive and engaging. 

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Step 4: Iron out the Details 

When you plan a team building event, some of the elements are more obvious. For example, you can’t have an event without inviting attendees, getting a venue and choosing a date and time. However, there are other important details that are often forgotten about. Three big ones are sustenance, equipment and transportation. 

  1. Sustenance – The time of day you’re hosting the event and what you’re doing will dictate how much food and beverages are needed. If you’re outside doing energetic activities on a warm day, be sure to bring enough water. If the event will straddle mealtime, determine whether attendees will bring a bagged lunch, or your company will be providing it. Even if there is no meal planned during the event, it is always a good idea to have food and drinks to ensure team members are alert and comfortable. 
  2. Equipment – Some team building activities require specialty equipment. When planning, determine whether you have the necessary audio/video equipment. If you’re building something, be sure to have the required tools, materials and safety equipment. If you can’t access it, find a local vendor who can lend or rent you what you need. 
  3. Transportation – If your event is away from your employee’s regular work site or outside of their regular hours, it is important to consider transportation. Many people carpool, share vehicles with spouses, use public transport, cycle or walk to work. You want to be sure that everyone is able to make it to the event and that it can be done so easily.

Step 5: Create a Plan 'B' 

While you don’t want to bring yourself down thinking about everything that could go wrong, planning for alternative outcomes will ensure you’re prepared.

Prior to the event, look at every detail and consider what could go wrong. Make sure you have a plan B for as many outcomes as you can. This will help you cope with change and move on if anything does disrupt your event. 

If you consider these five steps while planning your event, you will mitigate any risks and ensure you organize a seamless activity for your staff members.

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