How to Host Your Own Office Olympics in 2024

Posted by Jake Mandel on Jan, 16, 2024


10 Event Ideas & Top Tips for a Memorable Experience

As the 2024 Summer Olympics approach, why not bring the excitement of the Olympics to your office? Hosting your own Office Olympics is a fantastic way to boost morale, enhance team spirit, and inject some healthy competition into the workplace.

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Here are 10 fun and simple event ideas, along with top tips to ensure your Office Olympics is a gold-medal success! NOTE - these are not the events we include in our hosted Olympics events. Our challenges require more setup and an expert facilitator.

1. Desk Chair Races

Setup: Mark a start and finish line in a spacious corridor. Use office chairs with wheels.

How to Play: Contestants race from the start to finish line while seated in their chairs. They can propel themselves with their feet or by using office brooms as oars.

2. Paper Ball Shot Put

Setup: Create a 'throw line' and measure the distance for throwing.

How to Play: Participants wad up a piece of paper and ‘shot put’ it as far as possible. Measure the distance for each throw.

3. Stapler Sprint

Setup: Place a stapler at one end of a table.

How to Play: Participants race to move the stapler across the table using only one finger.

4. Post-it Note Relay

Setup: Teams of four, a stack of post-it notes.

How to Play: Each team member must stick and remove a post-it note on their elbow, passing it to the next team member without using their hands.

5. Coffee Cup Balancing

Setup: Office space, coffee cups filled with water.

How to Play: Contestants walk a set distance while balancing the cup on the palm of their hand.

6. Keyboard Typing Time-Trial

Setup: Computers set up with a typing test website.

How to Play: Contestants type a given paragraph. The fastest and most accurate typist wins.

7. Rubber Band Archery

Setup: Targets placed at a reasonable distance, rubber bands.

How to Play: Participants use rubber bands to ‘shoot’ at targets. Points are scored based on accuracy.

8. File Folder Fencing

Setup: Two contestants, each with a sturdy file folder.

How to Play: Contestants try to gently tap their opponent’s shoulder with the file folder while avoiding being tapped.

9. Binder Ring Toss

Setup: Binder rings and several large water bottles.

How to Play: Players toss binder rings trying to loop them over the water bottles.

10. Synchronized Chair Dancing

Setup: Chairs in a row, music system.

How to Play: Teams choreograph and perform a synchronized chair dance routine.

Top 3 Tips for Running Your Office Olympics:

  1. Organization is Key: Plan the logistics well in advance. Create a schedule, assign roles, and ensure all necessary equipment is available and safe to use.

  2. Encourage Team Spirit: Designate teams in advance and encourage them to come up with a team name, motto, or even team uniforms. This builds anticipation and camaraderie.

  3. Celebrate Everyone: Ensure recognition for all participants, not just the winners. You can have creative awards like ‘Best Team Spirit’ or ‘Most Innovative Player’ to keep everyone motivated and included.

By incorporating these simple, engaging activities and following our top tips for organization, your Office Olympics in 2024 will be a blast and a memorable team-building event that strengthens bonds and uplifts the office atmosphere. Remember, the goal is to have fun and celebrate your workplace community! 🏆🎉🏢

All of this sound like too much? Contact us to learn more about hiring a Teambonders facilitator to plan and lead your Office Olympics event!

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