How to Enhance Your Virtual Conference With a Team Building Event

Posted by Jake Mandel on Feb, 11, 2021

The end of winter is now in sight, and that means one thing for the business world - conference season is almost upon us. 

Yet the conference season will be different this year. Whether your business is hosting a sales conference, a leadership seminar, an executive meeting, a convention or even a trade exhibition, it’s more than likely that your business is having to pivot from in-person conference to virtual.

In fact, according to data from Event MB, 73 percent of planners were able to successfully pivot their in-person event to a virtual event in 2020. 

Virtual conferences present a new opportunity for companies to reach a global audience, while at the same time saving money on expensive event costs. 

Yet while the opportunities and benefits of virtual conferences are great, there’s no doubt challenges too. For a successful virtual conference you need to focus particularly on how you are going to engage your attendees and create a buzz for your event - and interactive virtual team building events within your conference are a fantastic way to do just that.

Why your organization must focus on virtual fun and engagement this conference season

The idea of a virtual conference is to be as close to an in-person event as possible, without actually being held in a physical location. You still need to engage, excite and educate your audience, but you need to do so from the comfort of their own home. 

When attending a virtual conference from the comforts of their own home, attendees are more likely to be distracted during your virtual conference. Even worse, potential attendees may not even log into the conference if your event doesn’t stand out from the plethora of other virtual conferences taking place in 2021.

That’s why to break the ice and create a buzz for your event, your organization needs to take the experience for both your attendees and vendors to the next level by hosting fun virtual team building programs throughout your conference.

How team building programs can help to create conference buzz

To delight your virtual conference attendees with an event they are excited to attend, try incorporating interactive and fun virtual team building events placed strategically throughout the duration of your conference. 

These events provide your attendees with the opportunity to collaborate with one another, gives them a mental break from the conference, allows them to connect with their peers and offers your organization with a fun way of promoting your conference.

When used correctly, virtual team building events will:

  • Inject fun and energy into your virtual conference.
  • Enhance learning.
  • Improve the engagement that attendees have with your virtual conference.
  • Empowers attendees to achieve their own individual goals when attending your virtual conference.

Here at Teambonders, we help corporate clients host a wide variety of fun, collaborative virtual team building programs. Our virtual team building programs vary from TV-themed style game shows, wellness events, virtual hunts and much more!

Want to learn how we can integrate one of these virtual team building events directly into your virtual conference? Contact our team today.

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